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Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1. Short title, extent and commencement. Modification of the Act, in its application to certain areas. Extension of the Act to new territories. Vesting of estates in the State. Notification to be published in the Gazette. Consequences of the vesting of an estate in the State.

Saving in respect of certain rights. Contract entered into after August 8, , to become void from the date of vesting. Private wells, trees in abadi and buildings to be settled with the existing owners or occupiers thereof. Tenants of sir.

Sir or khudkasht allotted in lieu of maintenance allowance. Thekedars to be hereditary tenants in certain circumstances. Estate in possession of a thekedar.

Estate in possession of a mortgagee with possession. Demarcation of sir, khudkasht, etc. Occupant of land in which no superior rights exist to be a hereditary tenant. Sir land held by tenant on Patta Dawami or Istamrari.

Settlement of certain lands with intermediaries or cultivators as Bhumidhar. Land in the holdings to be settled with the tenants thereof as sirdar. A tenant of Sir, sub-tenant or an occupant to be an adhivasi. Non-occupancy tenants, sub-tenants of grove-lands and tenant's mortgagees to be asamis. Variation in rent on or alter July 1, not to be recognized. Transfer by way of sale or gift not to be recognized.

Contract or agreement to defeat provisions of this Act to be void. Collector to take over estates. Power to make rules. Application of the Act to evacuee property. Intermediary entitled to receive compensation for acquisition of his estate. Date from which compensation shall be due. Interim compensation. Adjustment of interim compensation. Proceedings relating to assessment and payment of compensation. Presumption regarding entries in the record of rights.

Correction of clerical error or arithmetical mistake in the record of rights. Right to establish claim in the Civil Court. Pending suit or proceeding regarding entries in the record of rights. Plaint or objection to form part of the record of compensation proceedings. Every intermediary to be treated as a separate unit.

Statement of gross assets of a mahal. Cross assets of a mahal. Draft Compensation Assessment Roll. Gross assets of an intermediary.

Gross assets of the estate held by a thekedar. Net assets of an intermediary. Calculation of gross assets and net assets of under-proprietors, sub-proprietors, permanent tenure-holders and permanent lessees in Avadh. Preliminary publication of the Draft Compensation Assessment Roll. Date for hearing objections. Hearing and deciding of objections. Order under Section 48 to be a decree of a Court. Appeal to the District Judge.

Power to transfer appeals to Civil Judges. Appeal to High Court. Final Compensation Assessment Roll. Copy of the Roll to be supplied to the intermediary. Amount of compensation. Amount of compensation payable to a thekedar. Procedure under Section Order under Section 55 to be decree of a Civil Court.

Appeal to the High Court. Court fee payable on a memorandum of appeal. Amount of compensation to be entered in the Roll. Correction of bona fide mistake. Injunction by a Civil Court barred. Definition of "person interested". Compensation entered in the Roll to be paid to the intermediary. Intermediary entered in the Roll to receive compensation. Compensation payable to the legal representatives. Form of satisfaction of compensation. Deposit of the compensation money with Bank or other authority in certain cases.

Compensation money to be placed at the disposal of the Court or authority. Settlement of the amount of compensation due to guzaredars. Payment of rehabilitation grant. Date from which the grant shall be payable.

Legal representatives entitled to receive the grant. Waqfs, trusts or endowments to be classified. Waqf, trust or endowment created on or after August 8, , not to be recognized. Intermediary entitled to receive the rehabilitation grant.

Application for rehabilitation grant. Application by the Collector in certain cases. Contents of the application under Section Verification and signing of the application under Section Filing of affidavit with the application under Section Penalty for false statement in the application. Filing of application under Section Date of hearing of the application. Objections on the application under Section Registration of objections and notice to parties.

Investigation and disposal of objections. Management charges. Inquiry into the validity of transfer or partition in respect of estate.

Order disposing of the objections. Statement of estates. Statement in respect of a waqf, trust or endowment. Principles for classification of the property and apportionment of net income under Section Apportionment of net assets of the estates.

Determination of land revenue of estates used for religious or charitable purposes and for other purposes. Determination of the amount of rehabilitation grant.

Amount of the grant.


U.P. Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950




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