According to a recent article in the Rochester, N. The European country has the largest installed base of solar generation in the world, despite having fewer hours of sunlight than many areas around the world. Berlin receives an average of 1, hours of sunlight per year, while Rochester, N. Phoenix, Ariz. While cloud-free environments are best for solar generation, any amount of sunlight, even if filtered by clouds, includes photons that can generate some amount of electricity. Power4Patriots officials say the best way to keep electricity flowing during blackouts and to reduce monthly power costs is to become independent of the vulnerable U.

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Does it replace my connection? What if local grid turns off? How expensive is it to build? Do I need a permit or license? Will solar work if I have shade? How does does it take to build Power4Patriots? Should I buy pre-made solar panels? Does an off-grid system increase or lower my property value? I want to get your input on kind of scoping it out, Kriss. The question is, no 4, how much does it cost to build the system. What people have to understand is that everything that you want to power off your system means that you need to put more power into the system.

So the bigger more loads you have the longer you want to run those loads, more solar or wind power you need. So what I would say is, for most people who are watching this or tweeting in or really excited about the Power4Patriots system is, I would start small- I would start to build the solar panel and round out a nice solar system that you can use for back up and emergency and get a feel for what solar power and wind power is.

And generating your own power to yield the sense of independence that that gives you. So really, it runs the gamut. I mean we have kits, we have the largest selection of solar kits online and we are really, I think, for the world.

We have a lot of people who just want to run a cabin or you know maybe have a system for the camper, an RV, or their boat. Like people in Alaska are going to need a lot more solar power than say people in Florida. And the philosophy behind the Power4Patriots system as you said, is to really offer a blue print and a road map for how to achieve off grid independence on a variety of different levels. So you know, start, we always like folks to build the start small with building our own panel.

Taking a look at a wind power generator, looking at the solar thermal which is actually passive solar, as you know is a great way to go as well. The energy efficiency is really the long paying root of all this and we really tell people to start there. Reduce your consumption and the money you save in the reduced system cost, from the solar power stand point, can easily pay for the improvements to be done.

So really to sum up it depends on what your goal is. They think about solar power. Because solar thermal is actually probably more bang for thought because you can, especially the solar hot air system. My wife and I are going to put one in this winter. You can build these with stuff probably lying around the house and it generates hot air.

This guy lives offgrid and would like to sell his place to another person like him as he has to go and live near a hospital. You said that you heat your home with wood. This concerns me. I am wanting to have a system eventually that can support a central heat and air conditioning system. This actually might be the first thing I want to run with a solar powered system, besides my refrigerator.

Am I going to have to put panels over my entire roof to handle the load? Is it still going to be worth my time? I read in one of your Power 4 Patriots reports that sell solar systems on line how can I access these parts? Also, is there a place here in Fresno, California where I can buy kit parts? Thank you, Joe. Can a person use an extremely bright light to activate solar cells to charge solar system batteries?

Thanks, Joe. I guess, in theory, you could. Solar cells are activated by the photons in light. I have a solar system that I am told will not work if the grid is down. How can I rectify that. They also will not install a disconnect so I can use my generator if the grid goes down. Find you a certified electrician. He can install a battery bank and a switch for you. We have already purchased your 3 months food supply and were very impressed with rhe variety and the packaging.

I am thinking of getting power for patriots bit I have read that solar pannwls are not a good idea due to the fact that they are so visable and people will realize that you are the only house with power and your house will be where they start looting.

Are you concerned with thos? Honestly, my wind turbine is much more visible. You mentioned Solar Hot Air System, saying that it is easy to assemble with things around the house. Do we have access on the how to make as this is important to us.

HI Kriss. I install home standby generator. The question is. Can I use a amp transfer switch to run my shop off the grid, using the switch like you would on a generator? This would cut my electric in half. Right now my house and shop is running off the same meter. My electric bill is I have one more question. The Service disconnect is only amps. How big of a system would I need? I think most monthly electric bills show the amount of power you used for that month. Go over each monthly bill and add up your total usage for the year.

Divide by the number of months to get an average kilowatts used. You can use this information to see how much you can cut back on usage and the cost of your system you wand to install.

This may be of some help to you. Have been looking for information on how many volt system is recomended for a small grid tied setup , but have not seen any. I hope to reduce my electric bill some, and maybe sell back to local utility.

I clearly understand that different sq ft homes use different amts of power. So, what I am asking is say in Northern Calif central valley good sun what would a economical but reliable system cost if I did as much of the work as possible? I Am a marine engineer and I have a electrical engineer friend for assistance. Also, I would like a comparison in cost of using batteries or floating on the grid.

Efficiency is key. Usage is remarkably low when you are efficient. Learn to turn lights off during the day…or not use them at all.

If wasting energy is your lifestyle, get a big system. If you are prudent, the cost is minimal considering the alternatives.

Passive solar hot air. Sounds terrific. Now for the question: is it an advantage to already have all the duct work from an oil hot air system to gang into?

For power outages I use a gas log in my fireplace. Runs off of propane; expensive; but no need for electricl power. Does not seem worth it or am I missing something in the economics???

Hello Frank, I am excited about the power4patriots info I recently purchased from you. You have good info in this set. This is a solar powered box that has a stereo, a watt off road 12v light a neon light for my canopy,pinic table a CB, and a 12v light for inside the box. We have enjoyed it very much. It has a 12v marine deep cycle batt. I have a goal of becoming independent of electric companies.

I eventually want to run my home on green power future. But my real goal is to create a solar and wind farm to sell to the power company. I am a union electrician and have been learning all I can about this. I recommend anyone wanting to start green power to buy your info. I could talk forever on this but, I know you are busy as am I.

Again I thank you for the great info, stay safe, and take care. Thank you Johnathan, Something like this, plus a little more should be on the front page of this package that I just bought.

There is never one answer to the cost question because it depends on the load demand but what you have done here is give us a working example, a standard of measurement to put along side of our need, with a cost factor!


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