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Cem anos da Entomologia Forense no Brasil One hundred years of forensic entomology in Brazil The history of the development of forensic entomology in Brazil, its current status and perspectives are reviewed. Those studies in Brazil began in with the pioneer works conducted by Roquette-Pinto and Oscar Freire, who noted the high diversity of the native fauna of necrophagous insects and the impossibility of direct application of the methods developed in Europe.

In the last two decades, forensic entomology advanced rapidly in Brazil, but there still are some important limitations, especially in relation to the taxonomy, biology and ecology of necrophagous insects and the lack of interaction between researchers and police investigators.

Today there are in Brazil over 20 researchers involved with forensic entomology and tens of police investigators with some training in this field. Guidelines for the development of this field of investigation in Brazil are also presented. Keywords: Forensic taphonomy; history; necrophagous insects. O entomologista forense deve possuir um bom conhecimento de taxonomia, biologia e ecologia de insetos. A Entomologia Forense no Brasil.

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