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Posted: Nov 21, pm. I just got this effect by Liam Montier and I think it's awesome! It's a self-working mental card routine based on a short story by Roald Dahl!

I forgot the website this is on, but I'm sure someone will post it on here. Very smart effect, I loved it! Posted: Nov 22, am. Thank you Anabelle! Kind words indeed! Cheers, Liam. I got this as well and I must say it's very well thought out. An easy three-phase mentalism card effect that I performed just yesterday evening with wonderful results.

Great job, Liam! How about the other effects advertised on the site. I've never heard of this site before and some of the effects advertised are not described really well but seem interesting. Eric www. I purchased Henry Sugar today.

I am very pleased with it. It is a very subtle method that will probably fool all at your local magic club. I have also have one of the other items, Underground Change I have had it a while. This also is a wonderful move with lots of effects. I highly recommend it. If these two effects are anything to go by, I will be keeping an on Underground Collective. Well done Liam!

Posted: Nov 22, pm. Thank you all! I'm glad this effect is going down well, it's my baby at the moment! Alexandre, thank you for trying out ol' Henry. Glad he served you well!

GReaper—thank you too! Cheers for the interest! Liam Just a little bit of presentation I will be throwing in. I wear glasses, so at one point I take the glasses off, stare intently at the card, breathe on the lenses, give them a wipe, stick 'em back on. Now I just linger on that card for a second, turn my back and name it! Ha ha ha! Of course the next one I won't turn around at all.

Great stuff! Having real fun with it. I like that! You could actually use your glasses for a few presentational ploys. In the first phase, for example, putting them on to apparently read the marks on the back!

Then for the next few cards, take them off And in the second phase, keep your back completely turned! I might have to find some glasses! Thanks for the ideas! Hi guys, I'm Jamie, Liam's effect is a real peach as you can tell from the reviews.

The other stuff we have there should be pretty well explained. My "Underground Change" is something I'm particularly proud of—it's not often in modern card magic that a new sleight is invented so this is truly special.

Anyone who pre-orders will receive bonus material from us regarding the effect that is not available from anywhere else. This is by way of a thank you from us for your faith in our product. Which, incidently, has been praised by several great performers in the field including Kenton Knepper and Luke Jermay.

If you know anything about these two guys you'll realize how high a recommendation this is! Anyway, don't take my word for it—talk amongst yourselves and decide that way; I'm biased anyway! If you want to chat about anything, drop me a line at: Thanks!

Tell me, Heirloom, what is the effect exactly? No problem. Heirloom probably deserves its own topic but as one of the creators Colin Miller being the other it's not my place to do so in there.

Should a new topic be created, I'll do my best to clarify the effect and answer any questions. To respond in here will confuse matters and clutter up the forum. Hey, mods; do I get a gold star or something for that?! Though, to be honest, if you visit the site you'll find loads about it on there! Cheers Jamie. Find out everything but the effect. Sounds interesting.

What's the effect and the props? Kollosal Killer-esque? A force of your grandmother's picture? I saw the ad, would like to hear what the effect is, as well The props look interesting from the ad. To discuss the "Superior Twist", the ad mentions over Kollosal. Any actual owners of this to comment or at least detail the effect?

PayPal to: bryn darkmountainarts. Posted: Nov 23, am. Quote: it's not often in modern card magic that a new sleight is invented so this is truly special. Hi JoJo, Yeah new. Why do you doubt me?! The move has been available now for two years in manuscript form and the move is being used by some of the finest card men on the planet and to date, no valid dispute regarding the originality of this move has arisen.

In fact, so sure am I of this being original with me that If you buy the Underground Change and you then find that the move exists elsewhere prior to my publication anywhere in card magic literature in a published form and can prove this, then I will gladly furnish you with one of every product on our site for free! I shall be posting a video of an effect using the move to our site shortly. Regards, Jamie. On , JoJo Hermann wrote: Quote Jamie, Does this apply to everyone?

I would love a free copy of all your effects. I shall endeavor to find out if your move has been in print before and claim some free stuff.

I bought Underground Change last year, will this apply? BTW I spoke to someone who said has seen Heirloom in action, he thinks it may have been you or Colin who performed it at a mentalist convention in the UK? Could this be true? A very nice effect that will fry magicians! When I first read it my initial reaction apart from "wow this is great!

Good luck with this one Liam! Now think Rolos ; lol. All the best Steve Dela. Posted: Nov 23, pm. Thanks Steve, I'm glad you liked the effect. And trust me when I say, Rolo's are never far off my mind!!! Just a quick note to say I performed Henry Sugar again today and it was fantastic! And again Alright, I'll be the one to swim a bit upstream. I bought Henry Sugar.

LEY 492-08 PDF

Liam Montier – Henry Sugar

All infringements of this notice will be investigated and where applicable, legal action will be taken. Two ancient principles are combined to create a clean, strong routine that builds in impact to a logical finish, and a charming story by Mr Dahl compliments what is my favourite card effect to date. Thank you to Andi Gladwin for researching the credits, and his always valued input and to Jamie Badman, for proofreading, designing and formatting the booklet. I would like to think that you enjoy reading Henry Sugar, and perhaps even consider adding it to your repertoire.


Posted: Nov 21, pm. I just got this effect by Liam Montier and I think it's awesome! It's a self-working mental card routine based on a short story by Roald Dahl! I forgot the website this is on, but I'm sure someone will post it on here.


Liam Montier - Henry Sugar

Liam Montier presents a stunning easy to do mentalist card trick based on a well known short story by Roald Dahl, called "The wonderful world of Henry Sugar". The basic plot of the story is that Henry Sugar finds a manuscript that states that you can use mental yoga techniques to, amongst other things see things without your eyes. Study and practice meant that Henry was eventually able to see what playing cards were in an opponents hands just by mentally visualising them. He then went on to cheat all the big casinos out of loads of money — which being a nice guy he donated to orphanages all around the world. So the scene is set — the magician claims that they have seen the manuscript, and have had a certain amount of success with the mental yoga techniques involved. He takes a deck of cards, and is just about to shuffle them when he thinks better of it, and hands them to the spectator to shuffle. He then claims that as he is so new to this, he can only do it with very visual cards, ie the court cards.


Henry Sugar by Liam Montier


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