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ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Decree No. Act No. Nota Infoleg. Act Decree of 18 April Modifying the Act.

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Antigua and Barbuda - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Provides for voluntary retirement or voluntary severance made under the Public Servants Voluntary Separation Act, Antigua and Barbuda - - Law, Act. Provides rules applicable to the action to be taken and the conditions and enttitlements applicable to Government employees who accepts the offer of voluntary early retirement.

Antigua and Barbuda Merchant Shipping Act, Part IV provides for manning and certificates, disqualification of seafarers and inquiries, engagement and discharge of crew, payment of wages and provisions as to discipline.

Prevention of Terrorism Act No. Social Security Amendment Act, No. Law Revision Amendment Act, Enables the Attorney-General to make formal rectifications of any written laws without affecting the substance and to give legal force to any such rectification. Criminal Procedure Amendment Act, No. Companies Amendment Act No. Amends sections 66, , and concerning payment in case of bankruptcy.

Inserts new section A share transfers to be registered. National Economic and Social Council Act, Establishes a tripartite independent council to advise the Government on all aspects affecting the common good of Antigua and Barbuda and in particular matters relating to economic and social policies of the Government.

Caribbean Community Act, No. Short title and commencement. Agreement, its related Instruments and Rules of Court to have force of law. Original jurisdiction of the Court. Exclusion of matters declared final. Mode of bringing matters before Court. Expenses of Court and Commission to be a charge on Consolidated Fund. Immunity of Commission from court proceedings. Millennium Naturalisation Act No. Provides for the acquisition of citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in commemoration of the new millennium, by persons, who were on and since the first day of January, lawfully resident in Antigua and Barbuda.

Public Holidays Amendment Act No. Childcare and Protection Act No. Provides for establishment of Childcare and Protection Agency. Functions of Agency including to monitor private childare facilities in order to promote care and protection of children, to provide counselling and similar therapeutic services for children in need of care and protection, to investigate allegations, reports or complaints of abuse or neglect of children, and to promote the rights of the child and public awareness of those rights.

Also makes provision for licensing of childcare facilities, maintenance of appropriate standards in respect of their operations, as well as for certain other matters relating to safety, care and protection of children.

Freedom of Information Act, No. Gives effect to the provisions of the Constitution conferring the right to receive and disseminate information. Immigration and Passport Amendment Act No. Amends section 20 of the Act concerning the authority of the Chief Immigration Officer to regularise residential status under certain conditions.

Amends principal Act with respect to persons who qualify for temporary residence permits. Amends sections 14 and 15 concerning the entry and stay of citizens of any Member State of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States. Public Holidays Amendment Act, No. Nuisance Regulations R. Adoption : ATGR Interpretation 2. Nuisances enumerated 3. Information of a nuisance and persons liable to conviction 4. Notice requiring abatement of nuisance 5. On non-compliance with notice, order to be made 6.

Appeal against nuisance order 7. When order may be addressed to Director of Health Services 8. Sale of matter or thing removed in abatement of nuisance 9. Power of entry Recovery of costs and expenses Penalty for causing privy, drain or dustbin to be a nuisance Power of individual to complain to Magistrate of nuisance Makes amendments to the defininitions of the terms industrial action, temporary employee, suspension, redundancy, sick leave and termination of employment.

A new section C20 provides for a minimum of six weeks' maternity leave for pregnant workers, during which an employee shall receive at least 40 per cent of the normal wage. Prison Amendment Act, No. Amends the Prison Act Cap. An amendment to s. Co-operative Societies Act No. Makes new provision with respect to the registration, supervision and management of certain societies, the members of which have a common bond of philosophy and socio-economic objectives. Repeals the Co-operative Societies Act, Cap.

Provides comprehensive regulations governing civil air traffic. Part IV concerns aircraft crew licensing. Part VI requires airline operators to maintain records of crew working hours, and forbids persons to work as crew members who are suffering from fatigue or who have worked more than a specified number of hours in the past 28 days. Companies Act No. Revises and amends the law relating to companies and provides for related and consequential matters.

Sexual Offences Act, No. Defines and sets penalties for sexual offences. An adult who has sexual intercourse with a minor under 16 years of age who is in his or her employment is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for ten years s. Sections 21 and 22 prohibit brothels and prostitution.

Board of Education Act No. Establishes a Board of Education for the execution of certain education policies of the Government provided in the Act; to raise moneys required for the execution of such policies and to make provisions for other matters connected therewith. Provides for the establishment of a free trade and processing zone in Antigua and Barbuda and to make provision for the administration and management thereof. Antigua and Barbuda - - Collective agreement. Antigua and Barbuda - - International agreement.

Ombudsman Act, No. Provides for an Ombudsman to investigate administrative decisions and acts of officers of the government and statutory bodies. Sets out the functions of the ombudsman, procedures to be followed in respect of investigations, special powers such as the power to visit premises, and requires that the ombudsman take an oath to maintain secrecy regarding information obtained in the course of his or her duties. Civil Service Amendment Regulations, Provides that maternity leave shall be granted for a period of thirteen weeks with full pay.

Made under the Civil Service Act, Every application for old age assistance shall be endorsed by the Social Welfare Officer, District Nurse or Justice of Peace for the area in which the applicant resides. When an applicant for old age assistance is separated from his spouse, any sum paid to him or her by way of maintenance shall, for the purpose of computing his or her income from all sources, form part of his or her annual income.

Increases survivors' pensions payable to widows and children. Made under the Social Security Act Revokes and replaces: 1 Regulation No. Provides that a person who is an invalid and has not attained the age of 60 years is entitled to full invalidity pension if he has paid not less than weekly contributions; or a reduced invalidity pension if he has paid more than weekly contributions but has not paid weekly contributions; or a transitory invalidity pension if he has paid more than weekly contributions but has not paid weekly contributions.

Provides for rules in respect of eligibility for and application for old age assistance, the establishment of an Old Age Assistance Committee and related matters. Made under the Social Security Act, Social Security Amendment Act No. Suppression of Torture Act No. Civil Service Regulations, No. Regulates the employment of civil servants.

Part One sets preliminary definitions. Part Two governs recruitment and appointment. Establishes the requirements for recruitment. Makes explicit the recruitment process. Governs applications for employment, the filling of vacancies and dates of appointment. Part Three establishes the terms and conditions of employment. Governs temporary, permanent and contract terms of employment.


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