For an asset displaying such a tendency, the net weekly change or "weekly" volatility would under-represent the amount the asset moved during the week or "daily" volatility [] Illustration: In the S and P [R] Index, in the fall of brief but sharp rallies interrupted the dramatic sell-off frequently. All results prior to those dates were retrospectively calculated and do not reflect actual returns. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of how the index will perform in the future. Source: Deutsche Bank,

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Keywords: Power grid, risk anal ysis, electric al dissection. Abstract: Operational risk analysis plays an important ro le in ensuring th e safe and stable operation of power grid. This method can. Power system risk analysis has gradually becom e a.

Moore, The m ethod for fi nding the. Comple x network m ethod i s one of the main. It analyses t he grid risk. Holmgren, The metrics are assumed to be the. Mo reover, the powe r between. In Rosato, , Sensitivity an alysis. If the gri d.

But it only considers the circuit. To eliminate the defect in Rosato, , the. Tang, ; Ta ng, ; S hao, The grid risk. Th us both the t opological. So the comprehensive power grid. The rest of this document is as follows. II gives the electri cal dissection m ethod and defi nes. Section III i ntroduces the network. Section IV presents the numerical. Section V is t he conclusion of full paper. We use it to. Figure 1: Simple example of an AC code.

Zhang, C. ISBN: All rights reserved. Figure 2: Final dissected results o f figure 1. The resulting of dissected for figure. T he parame ters in figure. The general deduce t o be dissected i s shown in.

There are n inputting and outputting bran ches in. T here is a. Tj Tj. Figure 3: Ac code having n input and output branches. Figure 4 and figur e 5 show the final dissected. Parameters in fi gure. LG L GG. Rix Ri Rix Ri. Figure 4: Dissected note for output bran ch. Figure 5: Dissected note for output lo ad. Paths connect var ious so urces generators and.

The grid risk is determ ined by. S o the grid risk. L between i S source and i R flow is. The branch in path m ay. The sub-branch risk. L between i S and i R. The results of electrical dissection illustrate the. So, the bra nch risk can be treated as the. The risk i ndex of. So we can consider m ore information as m uch as. For one s ource and a fl ow gri d, the maxim um power.

To locate the critical sites and obtain the. Without taki ng into account of th e frequency,. However, the. An IEEE bus test system shown in figure. It has 46 l ines, Figure 7: IEEE bus text system. Table 1: The sorting of cri tical lines. Number Name Index. The lines with 10 large r risk index are calcul ated. To demonstrate accuracy of the sorting results in. Fi g ure 8 shows the network. Figure 8: The effec t of diffe rent stra tegy attacks on t he. At first, the two curves c hanged very little.

As the number. The lines in table 1. The comparison. In another aspect, the tim e domain simulation. Figure 9 shows the generator.

As show n in figure. This proves that the sy stem can not maintain. Howeve r, po wer-angle cur ves in.

We can conclude that the system is transient. This can further verify the validity of th e. The paper pr esents an electric dissection method. The proposed. The relationship between the line. This m ethod can quickly.

Moore, R. Paper templates. Template Production. Smith, J. The book , The publishing compan y. Datta, S. Operational risk metric for. Systems, PP 99 , Gan, J. Hu, and Z. Han, J, Thinking of. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 28 3 , pp: Holmgren, A. Using gr aph models to analyse the. Risk An alysis. An Official Publication of the Society for Risk.


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