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Troubleshooting page 93 page 94 - Help? Quick Links. Take the time to read through this instruction manual. Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best. Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the.

Refer to the model and serial numbers. US Residence Only. Table of Contents. Kenwood gps navigation system monitor with dvd receiver installation manual 36 pages. Kenwood monitor with dvd receiver instruction manual ddx pages. Kenwood monitor with dvd receiver installation manual 44 pages. Kenwood gps navigation system monitor with dvd-receiver instruction manual pages. Summary of Contents for Kenwood DDX Page 1: Instruction Manual Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below.

Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Page 4: How To Read This Manual For this reason, they may be different from the actual displays or panels used, or some display patterns may be different. The mode is switched in following order each time you touch the button. Page 5 English Page 9: Region Codes In World Region codes in the world The DVD players are given a region code according to the country or area it is marketed, as shown in the following map.

The discs with this mark can be played with any DVD player. Even if you use the USB device conforming to the above specs, audio files cannot be played normally depending on the type or condition of the USB device.

After removing the disc, press [0] Eject button to close the operation panel. When the button is pressed and held down for 1 second or more, the power is turned off. Remove the USB device. Page 14 When you press the button again, the previous video display comes back on. Page 15 Switches the audio source The audio source is switched in the following order each time you press the button.

When pressed twice, the disc is played from its beginning when you play it in the next time. Page Dvd Disc Menu Appears when a disc is inserted. When you touch the screen, you can select the DVD menu. SEL] button. Page Vcd Zoom Control 1 Changes the zoom ratio at 2 levels 2 times or off each time you touch. When is appeared, the text display is scrolled by pressing it. Function During Playback Screen Basic functions are available even when the playback screen is displayed.

Display the playback screen. Starts Picture Control Adjusts the video display 1 Reverses the picture horizontally. Start Folder Select Selects a file 1 Scrolls the list.

Select a station you wish to store in Start Preset Select Selects a station 1 Scrolls the list. Touch to tune in. Radio Text You can display the radio text. Page Traffic Information Traffic Information When a traffic bulletin starts, any source is switched to the traffic information and it is displayed automatically.

Set the Traffice information mode When the traffic bulletin starts The Traffic Information screen appears automatically. Page Ipod Control Resume Function.

Page Ipod List If music title is displayed, the music is played by touching it. Display the Category List Select a category 1 Returns to the original screen.

Start Folder Select Selects a song 1 Scrolls the list. Also, the information can be displayed automatically when it is updated. Set Station Name Assigns a name to a station. Page Video Watching Displays a floating control panel in the screen. Select a channel you wish to store in memory Store in memory Continue to touch until the memory number appears. Direct Channel Search Tuning in by entering the desired channel number. Manual Memory Stores the current receiving station in memory.

Display source select screen Select a source 1 Switches to the selected source. Hang up the phone. The system resumes playing automatically. Character Entry screen 1 Shifts the cursor. If you erase a character, locate the cursor on it and touch this button.

Page Screen Control On or Off. Make sure to read the instruction manual of the Bluetooth Hands Free Box as well. Control Screen Function Displaying the control screen and using various functions. End the call The previous screen reappears.

Enter a phone number Make a call You can start talking when the destination responds. Page 60 6 Cancels the operations. The selected destination data is displayed. Make a call You can start talking when the destination responds. Page Redialing Redialing You can redial, one of the last 10 phone numbers that you have called or received. Select the speaker to set the crossover 1 Sets the High Pass Filter of the front speaker.

Setup each item 1 Sets the Audiobook playback speed. Page User Interface p Mutes the volume during voice guidance of the navigation system. When turned "On", the volume level drops for voice guidance. Page 72 "Auto": Information is displayed for 5 seconds when updated. Auto with the optional accessory TV tuner connected only "Auto": "Manual": Information is displayed when q Returns to the original screen. Page Entering Background Entering background Loads images for background. Connect the device which has the image to load Display the User Interface screen Select the image to load Background Memory Folder Select usb1 sample images1 sample images2 sample images3 sample images4 sample images5 1 Returns to Media Select screen.

Setup the Clock 1 Clock time display 2 Adjusts hours. Page 76 You can select any of the following screen mode. You can select any of the following screen mode. Page 78 If you press the Reset button or if you disconnect your receiver from the battery after the code registration, you need to enter the registered security code. Start to cancel a registration of the Security Code Enter a security Code Input by four-digit number. Register your security code Now, your security code is cleared.

Page Setup Memory 2 Memorizes or recalls the settings. To cancel the function, touch memorization, touch The Setup Menu screen appears again.

Page 81 When recalling the memorized settings: Touching the screen displays a confirmation message. To cancel recalling, touch When clearing the currently memorized settings: Touching the screen displays a confirmation message. Page Equalizer Control 6 Adjusts the bass boost of the B. S power amplifier optional accessory. Page Tone Setup 7 Sets the level. Only Bass and Middle can be set 9 Returns to the original screen.

Page Remote Controller In such instances, replace the both batteries with new ones. DISP V. Press again to restore the previous volume. X, VCD 2. Turns the playback control on or off while playing VCD. Page 91 English Page Help? The Dual zone function is enabled. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. Page 93 HD Radio source No sound can be heard, or the volume is low. Error Mecha Error : The disc player is malfunctioning.


Kenwood DDX7019, DDX7039 User Manual

To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - battery. Make the proper input and output wire connections for each unit. Connect the speaker wires of the wiring harness. Connect the wiring harness wires in the following order: ground, battery, ignition. Connect the wiring harness connector to the unit. Install the unit in your car.


Kenwood DDX7019



Kenwood DDX7019 Computer Monitor User Manual


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