Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Here I was, a CEO who'd fallen apart after his company failed, writing a book about how loving himself saved him. I thought I'd be a laughingstock and my career would be finished. But I stepped through the fears and shared my truth with the world. The book went viral.

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I wrote a book. Something simple, something true. Something I learned that has been beautiful and transformative for me. There is a paperback version as well. You can download them here. I was cynical about your book but liked it so much that I posted a review on Amazon! Do I sound like a fan or a stalker?!

Hi Daniel, I made it available to wherever Amazon has an online store, so pretty much everywhere. Excellent book Kamal, thanks for writing it. A review on amazon is already written.

Thank you for the value, you offer! Thank you, Hauke! The exercises do work, key is just make them a practice. Very much appreciate the review. Enjoying the Amazon route with this book, looking to see how that unfolds.

It was a good read, thank you. Now, over to exploring your blog…. I loved your book. Just got done reading it. I love the visual of the oxygen mask coming down…I need to breathe before I can feel better and express love for others.

Hard to express my own experience. I fear I am one of them. Thank you for your book. Just finished your book…thank you! This is my new filter…thank you! Thanks, Paulette. I love that question as well. Just finished it and plan to share with friends and family. Thanks for sharing your experience. Elegant simplicity. Thank you for sharing even though you felt afraid of what people might think.

Maybe that is a way to know when we are speaking a truth, that little tingle of fear as we expose our core. Thank you, Kimberley. Glad you enjoyed it. Kamal, what is the song that you used in your mediatation? Kamal, I stumbled across a link to your book serendipitously, and I immediately felt I needed to order it. I had it opened in my browser for several days…it was almost like I was afraid to read it.

Maybe I knew on some level that it was going to be profound in my life. Anyway, I finally read it yesterday and have started the practices. The idea of replacing the old mental loop with the new one makes perfect sense, and feels right.

For example, a bad habit, or something you know a person who was truly loving himself would not choose? Is it just all about the awareness of it, even if one is not strong or motivated enough to change the action yet? Yup, there really is nothing new under the sun.

Basic human truths remain the same. For me, it was exploring outside, then going inside to find it. But that is a tried-and-true method across centuries as well. Your question is a good one. Often, the awareness is enough to make me change my thoughts and actions. Even in simple awareness, there is power. Hi Kamal, I came accross your book on facebook.

Checkout out the link and your book and within a couple of hours, had bought it, read it and loved it! Anyway, I believe in synchronicity and the Law of Attraction and so believe that it was my time to read your book. Thanks for taking the time to write it, for having the courage to share your personal journey and for making it available to so many at such a small cost. It came at a time when I needed to it and it has helped me. Thank you once again and may you blessed.

I will certainly recommend your book to all. Love, Indika. Thank you, Indika! I saw your review on Amazon as well. It was beautiful. I very much appreciate your kind words.

Kamal, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Couple of times in the book you have mentioned that publishing it was really not easy for you.

For my part I can say it was extremely valuable. I have read your book yesterday and already today started being tender to myself. Getting out of the bed required looking really within myself and trying to understand myself.

That was the first step, but to keep on going was even more difficult. Your book is simple to understand and your instructions so easy to follow. I still have problems with my mind wandering around, doubs and fears creeping in but thanks to you I have clear instructions on how to calm it down. Great lesson for me. Will it be available in Spanish? I Loved your book and would love to share it with a Spanish speaking friends and family. Trying to put this in practice has been harder that I thought it would be; It has made me realized how incredibly self-critical and negative I am towards myself!

Thanks for sharing! Perhaps something I should look into, thank you for that thought. Kamal, thank you for sharing your experience. I stumbled upon your book on Amazon. I was descending into darkness, but your book was the switch which put the lights on. Thank you very much, it made a difference in my life. My pleasure, Andrew. Thank you! I have almost finished your book for the 2nd time!! Thankyou Kamal!

Such a great book! My pleasure. That works better than anything. Any alternative ways to get the book? Hi Bob, I made the kindle version available everywhere. If so, it should work. I also just put out a paperback version available via all Amazon international stores. If neither of these work for you, please email me. Hello, I just purchased and read your book in less than half an hour. I have recently decided to transform myself and my life and have been reading several self-help books and decided to try yours.

Thank you. Thank you for making it so short, so simple and so affordable. Most of all, thank you for your truth. Most of us tend to forget how important loving oneself is. That reminder is certainly going to help me on my journey. Ps -I thoroughly enjoy your writing style; I hope to read one of your novels soon!


Love Yourself

A short, powerful reminder to not be so hard on ourselves, and a few practical techniques for getting in the habit of respecting ourselves and treating ourselves better. Learning to love yourself is a practice. You have to work on it daily. We have loops for everything, happiness, sadness, frustration, procrastination. We need a mental loop for self-love, telling ourselves we love ourselves, and running that mental loop over and over again until it creates grooves in our brain.


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant

I wrote a book. Something simple, something true. Something I learned that has been beautiful and transformative for me. There is a paperback version as well. You can download them here. I was cynical about your book but liked it so much that I posted a review on Amazon!


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant

Kamal was in a bad way. He was miserable out of his mind and there were days where he would lay in bed, too depressed to even open the drapes. A vow. But what mattered more was he was committing to the practice and in the simplest way, he could think of: focusing on one thought repeatedly until it was more top of mind. It will stop you. If you remember this, it will change your life.


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It


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