Inappropriate inventory control policies and its incorrect implementation can cause improper operation and uncompetitive advantage of organization logistic operation in the market. Therefore, analysis inventory control policies are important to be understood, including carrying cost, ordering cost, warehouse renting cost, and buying cost. The first model concerned to costs carrying cost, ordering cost, warehouse renting cost and buying cost , which is considered as triangular fuzzy numbers. The second model was in addition to inventory the cost system, in which annual demand is also reviewed as fuzzy numbers.

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Mekar Melati Universitas Negeri Semarang. Achmad Slamet Universitas Negeri Semarang. Vol 8 No 4 : Management Analysis Journal. DOI The purpose of this study was to determine the auxiliary raw material inventory control by Serabine and compare the method using Economic Order Quantity.

The type of research is descriptive research with quantitative approach. The object this study is the amount of inventory raw materials, the number of purchases and the usage of raw materials. This study calculates the optimal inventory raw of coconut, rice flour and sugar using the EOQ method with calculation quantity of raw material purchase, frequency of purchase, safety stock, reorder point, and total inventory cost TIC.

This study shows that the use of the EOQ method is more optimal than using conventional methods. The use EOQ method can minimize the cost to ordering of raw materials and optimize carring costs.

Total inventory cost of raw materials using EOQ method more efficient than using conventional methods it is shown by the company can save of the TIC for raw material Rp. Ngadirejo Kediri Pt. Perkebunan Nusantara X. Andini, W. Management Analysis Journal, 5 2 , — Profitabilitas Usaha Sentra Keripik Pisang. Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen, 3 2 , 84— Arifianti, R. Anasisis Kualitas Produk Tomkins. Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen, 5 2 , — Fajrin, E.

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Yulianto, A. Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen, 1 1 , 1—8. Testing pecking order theory and trade off theory models in public companies in Indonesia. International Journal of Economic Perspectives, 10 4 , 21— The Journal of Applied Business Research, 33 5 , — Abstract viewed - 29 times pdf downloaded - 24 times.

How to Cite. Melati M, Slamet A. MAJ [Internet]. Content Top. Submitted: Nov 4, Published: Dec 20,


Application Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) for Control of Raw Material Inventory

Aske and S. Hai, Z. Hao and L. Chaib, M.


Analisis Manajemen Persediaan Dengan Metode Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

This research was conducted on a company engaged in food and baverage ice cream. To meet customers every day the company already has a stockpile warehouse but the documentation that is used today is still simple by recording goods stock by looking directly at the items, and recording in the stock book that has been provided as a report to the leader. In this way there is often a difference between the real stock of goods and the recording of goods per month from the head office. In this company there is also no method to optimize the cost of inventory. This study designs an application that is able to process, document, calculate order transactions and store inventory in warehouses. By applying the Economic Order Quantity EOQ method in which the company can find out the amount of good inventory that the company needs as efficiently as possible. It can also be known the inventory of security safety stock and the most appropriate time to hold a reorder point reorder point.


Penerapan Metode Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Untuk Persediaan Barang Berbasis Web

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Inventory control is one of the important things of working capital in a company. Economic Order Quantity EOQ could be decided from the safety stock, maximum inventory, and reorder point in a company. The aim of the research was to know the number of stock and inventory cost savings. The research used EOQ method on controlling the packaging cup ml and carton box to know the amount of safety stock, maximum inventory, and reorder point in PT. The result showed that the sum of buying the material based on EOQ method in the , and In the the amount f packaging cup ml were 1. Using the EOQ method can be known that inventory cost savings as the result of the decreasing of the order.

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