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GOST General requirements. Dilatometric rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance. Structure-mechanical rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance. Methods of determination of density.

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GOST General requirements. Dilatometric rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance. Structure-mechanical rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance. Methods of determination of density. GOST Concrete. Radioisotope method of average density determination. Ultrasonic method of strength determination. GOST Concretes. Rules for the strength control. GOST Water for concretes and mortars. GOST Lightweight aggregates concretes.

GOST Heavy-weight and sand concretes. GOST Light-weight and cellular concretes. Rules of average density control. Methods of strength evaluation on cores drilled from structures. GOST Building materials and elements. Determination of specific activity of natural radioactive nuclei.

Methods for strength determination using reference specimens. Methods for determination of water tightness. Determination of strength by mechanical methods of nondestructive testing. GOST Concrete and reinforced concrete products for construction. General technical requirements. Rules for acceptance, marking, transportation and storage. GOST Additives for concretes and mortars. Methods of determining the efficiency. GOST Admixtures for concretes and mortars.

Determination and estimate of the efficiency. GOST Dry building cement binder mixes. Test methods. GOST Dry building flooring cement binder mixes. GOST Non-organic porous aggregates for construction work. GOST R Civil defence constructions. Rules for control and assessment of strength. Instruction Instruction on transportation and pouring of concrete in monolithic constructions by means of transit concrete mixers and concrete pumpers. MDS MRDS Manual on scientific and technical support and monitoring of buildings and structures under construction, including long-span, high-altitude and unique.

ODM R Recommendations for ballasting of pipelines at underwater crossings. RD Typical program of inspection of the state of construction work at nuclear facilities. RD Standard inspection program during state construction supervision of nuclear facilities. RD RD EO 1.

Recommendations Recommendations on concreting of the structures by means of concrete pump when transportation of concrete mixture by concrete mixer trucks. RTM Guiding technical materials on the design and use of steel-fiber-concrete building structures. RTM Guiding technical materials on the design and manufacture of steel-fiber-concrete structures on fiber, cut from sheet. RTM Guiding technical materials on the design, manufacture and use of steel fiber concrete structures on steel wire fiber.

RTM Guiding technical materials for the design, manufacture and use of steel fiber concrete structures on the fiber of thin steel wire. SNiP 3. SNiP Concrete and ferroconcrete structures. Principal rules. SNiP Federal standard element cement consumption rates at manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete products and structures. SP Design of thermal performance of buildings. SP Design of thermal protection of buildings. SP Design and construction of soil bases and foundations for buildings and structures.

SP Steel fibre reineorced concrete structures. SP General provisions. Updated living edition of SNiP 3. TR Technical recommendations for the installation and commissioning of pavements, taking into account the requirements of international standards for evenness.

TR Technical recommendations on the use of reinforced concrete pipes with an inner plastic sheath. TR Technical recommendations on the establishment of durability service life of building materials and products. TR Technical recommendations for quality assurance of concrete and mortar mixes and prevention of concrete corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. TR Technical recommendations on scientific and technical support and monitoring of the construction of long-span, high-altitude and other unique buildings and structures.

TR Technical recommendations for the design and installation of pile foundations using discharge-pulse technology for high-rise buildings. TU Dispersed concrete mixes-reinforced with steel fiber milled from slab.

TU Reinforced concrete beams with frame fittings for the superstructure of road bridges and overpasses with a length of 12, 15 and 18 m. TU Adjustable tip manholes. Technical conditions. VSP Execution, Quality Control, and Acceptance Requirements. Part I. Calculation methods and design. Our niche specialty is the localization of national regulatory databases involving: technical norms, standards, and regulations; government laws, codes, and resolutions; as well as RF agency codes, requirements, and Instructions.

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Your shopping cart is empty. The standard applies to concrete mixes of constructional heavy and light concrete of dense, porous and large-pore structure on cementitious binders, dense and porous coarse and fine aggregates, delivered to the consumer for the construction of monolithic and prefabricated monolithic structures and structures or used in an enterprise for the manufacture of precast concrete and reinforced concrete designs and products.

The standard does not apply to concrete mixes of special concretes and structural concretes based on lime, slag, gypsum and special binders and concretes on special aggregates. E-mail this product to a friend Report Error. The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:. Flanges for valves, fittings and pipelines for pressure to PN Design, dimensions and general technical requirements.

Pipelines valves.


GOST 7473-94

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