All rights reserved. R Contents Features 1 General Instructions 1. Overview Front View 3 1. Rear View. Operation Guide 7. Security for Your Programs Program Scenes.

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All rights reserved. R Contents Features 1 General Instructions 1. Overview Front View 3 1. Rear View. Operation Guide 7. Security for Your Programs Program Scenes. Editing Edit Enable Erase a Program Running a Program With the Standard Beat 1. Change the Speed Mode between 5 Minutes and 1 Minutes 3.

This product features include: Digital Technology Adopted. As a stage light controller, the unit can control intelligent unit and ordinary light. Power Failure Memory. Automatically recover to the last condition when you turn on the machine. Conveniently connect with other units and machines.

Powerful Program Edit. You could edit different program according to your needs. The program could contain steps utmost and up to 9 programs could be stored. Various Running Type. More programs can run synchronously. You can run more programs in Single Mode or Mix Mode simultaneously 1. Keep this manual with the unit, in order to consult it in the future.

If the unit is sold or given to another operator, make certain that it always has its manual, to enable the new owner to read about its operation and relative instructions. STOP using the unit immediately In the event of serious operation problems and either contact your local dealer for a check or contact us directly.

DO NOT open the unit--there are no user serviceable parts inside. NEVER try to repair the unit yourself. Repairs by unqualified people could cause damage or faulty operation. Contact your nearest dealer. Cautions This unit is NOT intended for home use.

After having removed the packaging check that the unit is NOT damaged in any way. If in doubt, DON'T use it and contact an authorized dealer.

Packaging material plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nails, etc. This unit must only be operated by adults. DO NOT allow children to tamper or play with it. In places subject to vibrations or bumps. DO NOT dismantle or modify the unit. Overview 1. Preset A LEDs. Channel Sliders Flash Buttons Preset B LEDs 5. Dark Button 9. Page Button Segment Display These buttons are used to bring an individual channel, to full intensity.

Show the current intensity of the relevant channel numbered from Light when relevant scenes are active. They also are used for programming.

This button is used to momentarily black out overall output. Rec Speed: Set the speed of any of the programs chasing in Mix mode. Up is used to modify a scene in Edit mode. Chase Rev is to reverse the chasing direction of a scene under Speed Slider control. Tap to select pages of scenes from Page Delete any step of a scene or reverse the chasing direction of any program.

Shows the current activity or programming state. Insert is to add one step or steps into a scene. Master A Button. Park Button 1. Hold Button. Step Button 3. Audio Button. Master Slider A 5. Master Slider B. Blind Button 7. Home Button. Tap Sync Button 9. Full On Button 3. Black Out Button Fade Time Slider 3. Speed Slider Audio Level Slider 3.

Fog Machine button 5 Edit is used to activate Edit mode. All Rev is to reverse the chasing direction of all programs. In Add mode, multiple scenes or Flash buttons will be on at a time. In Kill mode, pressing any Flash button will kill any other scenes or programs. Rec Exit is used to exit from Program or Edit mode. Record is used to activate Record mode or program a step. Shift functions only used with other buttons.

Brings channel to full of current setting. This button is used to maintain current scene. This button is used to go to next step when the Speed Slider is pushed to the bottom or in Edit mode. Activates audio sync of chase and audio intensity effects. This slider controls overall output of all channels. This slider controls the chase of all programs. This button is used to deactivate the Blind.

Repeatedly tapping this button establish the chase speed. This function bring overall output to full intensity. This button is used to kill all output with exception for that resulting from Flash and Full On. Used to adjust the Fade Time. Used to adjust the chase speed. This slider controls the sensitivity of the Audio input. DC Input DMX Out DMX Polarity Select. Audio Input 1.

Remote Input. Fog Machine Connector This switch controls turning on or off of the power. DC 1-V, 5 ma Min. Used to select DMX polarity.


Scene Setter 48 User Manual - American DJ

The chase rate will synchronize. Tap Sync will override any previous setting of the speed slider control until the slider is. Press and hold the Blind Button and tap the relative Flash Button you want to temporarily. Weight appro. All rights reserved. R Contents Features 1 General Instructions 2 1. Overview 3 1.


Scene Setter 48

With inputs for audio, fog machine and a built in microphone you. Reverse the chasing direction of all the programs with speed control. The audio reproduction instrument shall reproduce. To return to normal mode, tap the Audio button a second time causing its LED goes out, the Audio mode is disengaged.

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