Page Count: 2. A VRCI. A V Surro und Re ceive r. With wired LAN connectivity, the AVRCI can connect to your home network and reach out to the internet to enjoy music from subscription services including. Audyssey DSX processing, which provides a dramatically expanded front soundstage via front height or width channels.

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call For the most accurate home theater sound possible in your room, Denon equipped this receiver with Audyssey Shop all Denon Home Theater Receivers. Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use. Can't find your exact vehicle? Find products that fit. Designed to take advantage of the latest advances in audio and video, Denon's AVRCI creates home theater realism beyond anything you've experienced before.

It comes ready to handle 3D video, and can decode the high-res surround sound formats that make Blu-ray movies so riveting. Its PC networking capabilities let you pull music from your computer or the Internet. Watch a video on how Audyssey MultiEQ improves sound in your room. The 'CI uses the included microphone to analyze sound from up to six different listening positions, then automatically adjusts individual level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers.

You'll hear precise, uniform sound across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy optimized home theater sound.

Analog-to-HDMI conversion sends all of your video sources to an HDMI-capable TV using a single digital cable, which streamlines system setup and preserves maximum picture quality for each source.

Powerful onboard video processing automatically upconverts all your video sources all the way up to p. The 'CI offers plenty of digital music options, too. View track titles on your TV and select the tunes you want to hear using the receiver's remote. You can also enjoy Internet Radio stations over your broadband connection. More goodness: Instead of sound quality that's limited by the iPod's made-for-earbuds audio circuitry, digital audio is sent straight to the Denon's high-quality DACs, so all your favorite tunes will sound better.

Or plug in a USB thumb drive or hard disk drive loaded with your music. You'll be able to control iTunes and see music information, including your album art, track titles, and artist info on your compatible Apple device, or on your TV. Go to www. Requires a wireless home network. Receiver requires wired connection to the router. Shop our selection of HDMI cables. Average review: 9 reviews. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers.

Please see our review guidelines for help and information. By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Each channel is rated at watts RMS. The seven amplifier channels built into the receiver are typically used for 7. Signal paths are as short as possible to keep signal degradation in the audio and video circuitry to an absolute minimum.

Direct Mechanical Ground Construction: Vibration-resistant construction has been used to suppress the adverse influences of vibration on sound quality. The power transformers, a source of vibration, have been securely mounted on the high rigid bottom chassis. Direct mounting of cast-iron feet to the radiator in near proximity to each other serves to suppress mutual vibration with the power transformers and other sources of vibration.

AL24 Processing Plus: Denon's AL24 Processing Plus technology improves information volume in the time axis region using high-speed signal detection and processing technology. In addition to expanding original bit data to 24 bits, AL24 Processing Plus uses data interpolation along the time axis or up-converted sampling to achieve natural interpolation without losing the original data.

A digital filter is used to further expand adaptability and perform optimum filtering calculations for ringing-free pulse response, pulsive music data and attack sounds. The result is reproduction of such spatial information as the delicate nuances in your music, the positions of the performers, and the breadth, height, and depth of the concert hall.

Audyssey: This receiver is equipped with an Auto Setup and Room Equalization function to achieve the most ideal sound field for your room. The included DM-A microphone is used to measure test tones at each listening position up to eight positions including the main position, a minimum of six positions is recommended. This measured data is then analyzed using a program to improve acoustic characteristics in the listening area; the main position is given more weight in the calculations.

Audyssey EQ offers the following options:. Note: You can also setup your speaker system manually using the receiver. Surround Modes: This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The unit can be set to store the most recently selected surround mode for each input, so it is automatically activated each time the particular input is chosen.

The surround modes include:. The Main Zone 1 offers 7. Note: Zone 2 and Zone 3 feature either a preamp-output or speaker terminal output so you can use this amp or a separate amp to power speakers in another room. When using the AVRCI to power speakers in a second room of your home, the main zone is restricted to 5. Also, when using the AVRCI to power speakers in a second and third room of your home the second and third zone are restricted to mono operation and the main zone is limited to 5.

When using the receiver's preamp output terminals for the second and third room you need an additional amplifier in each room to power those speakers and the main Zone of the receiver remains 7. Source Level: This function adjusts the playback level of the currently select input source's audio input.

Use this feature if there are differences in the input volume levels between different sources. You can also fade the sound from front to rear or vice-versa. Separate tone controls are available for Zone2 and Zone3 outputs. Restorer: This function restores compressed audio signals to pre-compression form, correcting the sense of bass and treble volume to obtain a richer sounding playback; select 64, 96, or HQ based on the compression setting of the source material.

Auto Lip Sync Audio Delay : This feature automatically compensates for the timing shift between the audio and video of the receiver. If needed, the audio signal can be manually delayed to match the video signal; adjust from ms. Volume Setting: You can set a maximum volume level of 0, , or dB to limit the receiver's total volume output. Muting Level Adjustment: You can set the amount of attenuation for the audio muting circuit; dB or dB below current volume, or full mute sound turned off entirely.

Each input can be assigned to any of the different input sources except Phono and Tuner. Binding Post Speaker Terminals: All of the receiver's speaker terminals are binding posts. They are not 5-way binding posts because a plastic collar prevents their use with spade lugs and they are positioned too far apart to be used with dual banana plugs.

When the input source is switched, the settings last used for that source are automatically recalled. The surround parameters, tone control settings, and playback levels for the different output channels are memorized for each surround mode. Sleep Timer: This function allows you to automatically set the power to standby after a predetermined amount of time has passed; set the sleep timer up to minutes in 10 minute increments. HDMI ver. The HDMI inputs are assignable to different input sources.

The converter and scaler can be turned off independently if you prefer. The component video inputs are assignable to different sources. Video Select Function: You can switch the video input source on the receiver while listening to a different audio signal.

It is also possible to receive data services and select broadcasts from among up to eight multicast programs. You can store up to 56 radio stations presets 8 stations each in 7 separate banks. You can name each preset with an 8 character ID. The display shows channel name, number, category, artist, or song title.

Sirius channels are stored as presets and recalled in the same way AM and FM stations are. A subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio is required. When a music file includes album art data, the album art can be displayed on your connected TV while playing the file.

JPEG still picture files can be played as a slideshow. The iPod is controlled by the receiver's remote and text, album art, and elapsed time are displayed on the connected video monitor. Similarly, music can be played from a USB flash drive see below. Using the dock cable to connect directly, iPod compatibility is as follows as of June :. If this doesn't work, you may need to revert to the older software version or wait until an newer software update is available.

Once connected you can take advantage of these network functions:. The remote control features Glow keys so it can easily be used in the dark. Quick Select: The front panel and main remote both have three Quick Select buttons.

Each button can be programmed with a specific input source, surround mode, volume, and MultEQ, Dynamic EQ, and Dynamic volume settings for easy recall. Sub Remote Control RC : The receiver's sub remote control unit is equipped with frequently used buttons, so it can be used for simple remote control unit operations.

The sub remote can also be used for multi-zone, so you can use it to control the AVRCI from other rooms via an optional IR repeater kit. The following operations can be performed using this remote:. Custom Integration: The AVRCI carries the CI stamp, which is Denon's certification to custom installers that the receiver has advanced connectivity and control features often required for custom home integration and theater applications using premium control systems.

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Denon AVR-3311CI

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. Denon av surround receiver operating instructions avr, avr 94 pages.


Denon Avr3311Ci Users Manual

Impressive — and the AVR is just as adaptable in sound terms. The AVR includes seven power-amp channels, each rated at a flattering W. A more real-world figure printed in the manual, in fairness is W per channel, which is still plenty for an amp in this class. Preamp outputs for seven main channels plus twin subs are provided, and you can assign some of the power amp channels to suit your needs. Plenty of speaker options So, aside from the extended-surround configurations available, other options include powering additional speakers in a second zone for multiroom use, bi-amplifying front speakers in a 5. That allows for support for two video displays, such as a projector and a TV, in the same home cinema system, or alternatively it supports separate feeds to two rooms as part of a multiroom set-up. Naturally, whatever the quality of the video signal, you have the option of upconverting and upscaling it to p quality, too.


Denon AVR-3311CI + 3311 Service Manual & Repair Guide Download



Denon AVR-3311CI Owner's Manual


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