Table of Contents. Filed Pursuant to Rule b 4 Registration No. The offering of the ADSs is being underwritten by the international underwriters named in this prospectus. The common shares purchased by investors located outside Brazil will be settled in Brazil and paid for in reais , and offered by the Brazilian underwriters named elsewhere in this prospectus. The offering of the common shares is being underwritten by the Brazilian underwriters. The closings of the international offering and the Brazilian offering are conditioned upon each other.

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Table of Contents. Filed Pursuant to Rule b 4 Registration No. The offering of the ADSs is being underwritten by the international underwriters named in this prospectus. The common shares purchased by investors located outside Brazil will be settled in Brazil and paid for in reais , and offered by the Brazilian underwriters named elsewhere in this prospectus.

The offering of the common shares is being underwritten by the Brazilian underwriters. The closings of the international offering and the Brazilian offering are conditioned upon each other.

We will not receive any proceeds from the sale of our common shares, including in the form of ADSs, by the selling shareholder. Prior to this offering, there has been no public market for ADSs representing our common shares. See "Market Information. We are an "emerging growth company" under the U.

Investing in the ADSs involves risks. See "Risk Factors" beginning on page 19 of this prospectus. The Brazilian underwriters also have an option to purchase up to 4,, additional common shares from us, minus the number of common shares in the form of ADSs sold by us pursuant to the international underwriters' option to purchase additional shares, to cover over-allotments of common shares, if any.

Neither the U. Securities and Exchange Commission, the CVM nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved of these securities or determined if this prospectus is truthful or complete.

Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. Global Coordinators. Neither we nor the selling shareholder have authorized anyone to provide any information other than that contained in this prospectus or in any free writing prospectus prepared by or on behalf of us or to which we may have referred you. Neither we nor the selling shareholder take responsibility for, or provide assurance as to the reliability of, any other information that others may give you.

Neither we and the selling shareholder nor the underwriters have authorized any other person to provide you with different or additional information. Neither we and the selling shareholder nor the underwriters are making an offer to sell the ADSs in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted.

You should assume that the information appearing in this prospectus is accurate only as of the date on the front cover of this prospectus, regardless of the time of delivery of this prospectus or any sale of the ADSs. Our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects may have changed since the date on the front cover of this prospectus.

This offering of ADSs is being made in the United States and elsewhere solely on the basis of the information contained in this prospectus. We and the selling shareholder are also offering our common shares in Brazil using a Portuguese-language prospectus. The Brazilian prospectus, which. For investors outside the United States: Neither we and the selling shareholder nor the underwriters have done anything that would permit this offering or possession or distribution of this prospectus in any jurisdiction, other than the United States, where action for that purpose is required.

Persons outside the United States who come into possession of this prospectus must inform themselves about, and observe any restrictions relating to, the offering of the ADSs and the distribution of this prospectus outside the United States and in their jurisdiction. No offer or sale of ADSs may be made to the public in Brazil except in circumstances that do not constitute a public offer or distribution under Brazilian laws and regulations.

Any offer or sale of ADSs in Brazil to non-Brazilian residents may be made only under circumstances that do not constitute a public offer or distribution under Brazilian laws and regulations. We own or have rights to trademarks, service marks and trade names that we use in connection with the operation of our business, including our corporate name, logos and website names.

Other trademarks, service marks and trade names appearing in this prospectus are the property of their respective owners. The term "Brazil" refers to the Federative Republic of Brazil and the phrase "Brazilian government" refers to the federal government of Brazil. Financial Information. We maintain our books and records in reais , which is our functional currency the currency of the primary economic environment in which we operate as well as our presentation currency.

Currency Information. All references to "U. Solely for the convenience of the reader, we have translated certain amounts included in "Summary Financial Information," "Capitalization," "Selected Financial Information" and elsewhere in this prospectus from reais into U. The U. Market and Other Information. Additionally, this prospectus contains information obtained from a report issued in by the International Data Corporation, or IDC, regarding media around the world, or the IDC Survey.

We believe that such sources of information are reasonably reliable and we have no reason to believe that any of this information is inaccurate in any material respect. The underwriters have not independently verified such information and make no representation as to the accuracy or completion of such information.

Certain percentages and other amounts included in this prospectus have been rounded for ease of presentation. Accordingly, figures shown as totals in certain tables may not be an arithmetical aggregation of the figures that precede them.

Generally, a non-IFRS financial measure is a numerical measure of a company's performance, financial position or cash flow that either excludes or includes amounts that are not normally excluded or included in the most directly comparable measure calculated and presented in accordance with IFRS.

Because our calculation of EBITDA does not consider net financial income expense , income tax and social contribution and depreciation and amortization, EBITDA serves as an indicator of our overall financial performance, which is not affected by changes in interest rates, income or social contribution tax rates or levels of depreciation and amortization. Consequently, we believe that EBITDA, when considered in conjunction with other accounting and financial information available, serves as a comparative tool to measure our operating performance, as well as to guide certain administrative decisions.

We believe that EBITDA provides the reader with a better understanding not only of our financial performance, but also on our ability to pay interest and principal on our debt and to incur additional debt to finance our capital expenditures and our working capital. We calculate Net Debt as the sum of current payables for the acquisition of businesses plus non-current payables for the acquisition of businesses plus current and non-current loans and financing minus cash and cash equivalents and financial assets.

We believe that Net Debt is an adequate metric for assessing our capital structure and also provides useful information to our investors, market analysts and the general public that assists in the comparison of our operating performance with that of other companies, both in our sector and in other sectors.

Our management believes that our current capital structure, measured principally by our Net Debt to shareholders' equity ratio, reflects our conservative leverage. Our calculation of Net Debt may differ from the calculation of Net Debt of other companies. EBITDA, EBITDA Margin and Net Debt present limitations that limit their usefulness as measures of profitability, as a result of not considering certain costs arising from business, which may affect, significantly, our profits, as well as financial expenses, taxes and depreciation.

Certain Definitions. The following is a glossary of certain defined terms used in this prospectus:. This summary highlights selected information contained elsewhere in this prospectus. This summary does not contain all of the information you should consider before investing in the ADSs or our common shares. Before investing in the ADSs or our common shares, you should read this entire prospectus carefully to better understand our business, corporate structure and our common shares, including the information contained in "The Offering," "Risk Factors," "Selected Financial Information" and "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations," and our financial statements and the corresponding notes thereto, included elsewhere in this prospectus, before making a decision to invest in the ADSs or our common shares.

We believe we are a leading cloud-based technology company in Latin America and a market leader in Brazil in terms of revenue.

We are focused on developing and providing affordable, easy-to-use, reliable and seamlessly integrated software solutions to retailers in Latin America, through our software-as-a-service, or SaaS, business model. During , our subscription revenue accounted for With a comprehensive offering of solutions, we are an end-to-end service provider that offers business management tools, payment solutions, e-commerce and omni-channel applications through an integrated and ever-evolving platform to retailers of all sizes and capabilities.

Since our founders entered the technology sector in , our consumer-centric and entrepreneurial culture has been focused on innovation, agility, and building a reliable infrastructure, all of which have enabled us to adapt to our customers' needs, deliver user-friendly software solutions and services and develop a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions.

These capabilities have contributed to our resilient and predictable operations, with subscription revenue accounting for In addition, our growth is supported by a strong track record of adding new products to our portfolio, including our most recent Linx Pay Hub integrated payment processing solution, in order to anticipate trends and adapt to changes in our market.

These ongoing efforts are exemplified by the upcoming products we intend to launch in As a result of our innovation capacity, ability to adapt to evolving customer needs and our cross-selling efforts, we have successfully retained and increased year-over-year the share of our services in our customers' wallet, as demonstrated in the following cohort analysis.

Compound cohort growth rates are calculated using this method to capture customer-generated revenues over a month period a full fiscal year , while also mitigating the fact that customers are added to the portfolio on different days of the year. Annual cohort revenue estimated using this metric takes into consideration both new organic customers and customers of companies that we acquire. Consequently, we achieved a We have successfully leveraged our extensive customer base to explore cross selling opportunities, resulting in greater economies of scale, greater customer loyalty as reflected by our high customer retention rates and lower customer acquisition costs, translating into a hard to replicate business model with strong natural barriers against the entry of competitors.

Throughout our history, we have adapted our operations to our customers' needs and market trends by expanding our product portfolio to offer a unique integrated platform with comprehensive solutions and leading to a compelling value proposition.

For instance, in addition to Linx Core, our core product line that offers integrated business management systems, we launched Linx Digital in , an e-commerce platform and application designed to improve the omni-channel shopping experience for both retailers and their customers. Through Linx Digital, retailers are able to interact with their clients and deliver a seamless experience across a variety of channels, including physical stores, mobile applications and the internet.

Moreover, in , we further adapted to our customers' ever-evolving needs and launched Linx Pay Hub to offer payment processing solutions integrated with our Linx Core and Linx Digital product lines.

By providing mission critical services and integrated solutions to our customers, we are able to better understand their business performance preferences while further enhancing our portfolio of offerings with a comprehensive payment processing solution. The graphic below illustrates our primary product lines, each of their main services and international benchmarks.

In addition to our own organic innovation capabilities we have also increased our retail product offerings through strategic acquisitions of synergic businesses with our own operations, enabling us to further develop our product developing capabilities. We believe that we are a differentiated platform with the knowledge to capitalize on consolidation opportunities in our market segment and explore new verticals as the relationship between retailers and their customers continues to evolve.

To support our growth trajectory, we successfully completed the initial public offering of our common shares in Brazil in and were listed on the Novo Mercado segment, the listing segment of the B3 with the highest corporate governance standards.

Our Product Lines. We initiated our operations through our Linx Core product line, and as part of our efforts to adapt to ever-evolving customer needs, we created our Linx Digital and, most recently, Linx Pay Hub product lines. We believe that these three verticals allow us to become a partner of choice to retailers by providing services that increase efficiencies, integrating digital and physical stores, while ensuring a flexible payment solution suitable for each.

Linx Core. Our Linx Core product line provides integrated business management systems. Linx Core products cater to the entire retail chain, from business automation software that performs all necessary operations at the POS to comprehensive enterprise resource planning, or ERP, applications, which include, among other features, inventory management, customer relationship management, or CRM, tools, financial, accounting and tax management, product lifecycle management, supply management, loyalty programs, e-receipt and other interconnected features.

By offering our POS as a primary product, we are able to cross-sell many of our ERP capabilities by highlighting the seamless experience they provide.

We design our Linx Core software products to enable retailers to adapt to changing business requirements through consistent innovations and frequent upgrades that provide new functionalities and support our customers' navigation of the complex Brazilian tax system as well as evolving regulatory requirements.

Our software products are evolving in response to performance demands and user experiences. Furthermore, through our cloud-based infrastructure we can derive even more operating leverage as we continue to grow our services and solutions, resulting in increased margins. Through Linx Core, we believe that we have the capability to offer our customers simple and cost-effective solutions that meet their requirements, personalized for their size and their verticals.

Our modular and cloud-based solutions efficiently serve both small, medium and large-scale enterprises as well as large multinational retail chains. We offer our customers in-depth operational knowledge and best practices across a variety of verticals, including clothing stores, vehicle dealerships, pharmacies, electronic goods and household appliances stores, department stores, home improvement stores, fast food chains and gas stations. Linx Digital. Our in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian retail sector also enables us to offer focused innovative, scalable and machine-learning technology, tailored to the retail market as well as e-commerce platforms, data analytics and order management system, or OMS, technology fully integrated with our ERP software.

Our Linx Digital product line is subdivided into three categories:. Based on our knowledge of the retail sector, we believe that e-commerce has significant growth potential in Brazil. In addition, the e-commerce conversion rate which represents the rate at which shoppers enter a retailer's website and ultimately purchase a product in Brazil was only 1.


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