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Eisenhorn is a series of novels and short stories by Dan Abnett , following the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. Eisenhorn was a named character in the game with his own model, as was his antagonist and ally, the Daemonhost Cherubael. No other characters from the game appear, but the types of characters in the game -- Arbiters , Rogue Traders , Deathwatch Space Marines , savants, Mechanicum Magi and so on, are featured as key characters in the series.

Inspired by these and the content of the game, Abnett wrote the initial trilogy, with Xenos , the first novel, released at the same time as the game. The series was pitched by Abnett when he was given material from the game in-development as inspiration for his Gaunt's Ghosts series of novels.

As he explained in February to the Backwards Compatible podcast: " I think I was 3 or 4 books into the Gaunt's series and just writing those and the then-head of the Black Library sent me a portfolio of photocopies and rules from the Inquisitor game that was going to be produced. This is obviously going back always. And he sent to me simply because he thought I might be interested in and inspired by the images in Gaunt.

And it showed the detail — the elaborate detail — of imperial life. It was, and I have used it. But at the time I looked at it and leafed through it — it was half complete, as I said photocopies and bits and pieces, brilliant spot illustrations and stuff like that.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I didn't know what I was doing or where the plot was going, but it was very much I have a basic idea and I'm just going to go for it.

And I did, and it proved to be enormously successful to such the extent that the Eisenhorn books are regarded as a bit of a primer to get you into 40K. Abnett, in the Introduction to the omnibus of the series, also included other details, including the roles played by John Blanche and Inquisitor developer, Gav Thorpe :. Know the one? Guy with a scalp full of cables, a black fur coat, a double-headed eagle familiar on his shoulder, a gold-chased bolt pistol in his hand?

This was a rich seam indeed, full of wonderful baroque material. Among the pages, along with a number of other very fine pictures, was a copy of John Blanche's painting. And that was it. I visited the Studio, and got great help and advice from the game developers, particularly Gav Thorpe.

Then I got to work. This was a glimpse behind the lines at the internal complexity of the Imperium. A chance to visit worlds that were not levelled by war, and see how the billions of Imperial citizens lived.

And also to find out what evils stalked them, even in the shadows of their own hive cities. The series is predominantly written in the first person, resulting in an unreliable narrator: at certain points in his career, Eisenhorn sets down accounts of his life.

It is not clear if the novels and stories are written in the same period, after Hereticus , or are, as may be more likely, written intermittently during and after the events of the series. Despite his protestations, arguably the arc of the series is Eisenhorn's fall from a puritan outlook to that of a radical and rogue element of imperial society. Over the course of the novels, Eisenhorn loses almost all his friends and allies by not only using the tools of Chaos to fight and defeat Chaos, but by becoming blind to the danger of using them - seen in the change of his relationship to and ultimate dependence upon the daemonhost Cherubael.

The series was intially released as three novels with intermediary short stories; however the series is internally dated, and the following list puts the Eisenhorn texts in chronological order all dates are drawn from the texts themselves :. Subsequent to the conclusion of Hereticus , Abnett wrote the Ravenor series of novels and short stories published and set in the years following M41 , utilising several recurring characters from the Eisenhorn series.

This series mixed first person narration by Ravenor with third person narration. Then in he published Pariah , the first novel of the Bequin series, subtitled 'Ravenor vs Eisenhorn'. This novel, narrated in the first person by Bequin, is set in the s. Certain short stories intersect with these series:.

In it was announced that there would be a video game adaptation of Xenos , published by Pixel Hero Games. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

The cover of Xenos in its intial release. The cover of Malleus from its initial release. The cover of Hereticus from its initial release.

The cover of the rerelease of Xenos. The cover of the rerelease of Malleus. The cover of the rerelease of Hereticus. The cover of the Eisenhorn omnibus


Eisenhorn (Series)

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Eisenhorn Omnibus

Eisenhorn is the first in a series of trilogies and separate novels by Abnett, which are some of the most popular works of Warhammer 40, tie-in fiction. Eisenhorn has been adapted as a video game, and is set to be adapted as a television series. Eisenhorn: Xenos is a third-person action-adventure game by Pixel Hero Games. It adapts Xenos , the first book of the Eisenhorn trilogy. It was released on Steam for PC on 10 August , and received mixed reviews.

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