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Equal Opportunity Program Inspection Checklist. Program Functions. AS OF 20 Oct Must be in English and Hangul. Battalion Consideration of Others Policy Letter.

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Target grade of this position is KGS If the position is filled at a lower grade than target grade, the incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to target grade upon recommendation by the supervisor. Management retains the right to determine when an employee will be promoted. Issue and assign live fire ranges, training areas, and facilities per Range Facility Management Support System schedule. Follows emergency procedures for serious incidents per range complex SOP, communicates details in English both verbally and written.

Monitors firing desk lane line, answer all calls professionally in English. Be courteous and provide the best customer service. Ensures unit training requirements, issues, and concerns are addressed.

Be alert, well rested, and always have a clear understanding of all activities occurring on the range complex. Performs the duties of a range complex translator when ROK unit representatives are interacting with U. Check the heat and fire conditions daily and identify unsafe conditions to eliminate serious incidents. Manages the maintenance schedule to ensure ranges, training areas, and facilities are operational and available for training.

Performs other duties as assigned. All current KSC employees b. All other Korean National applicants. It is imperative that each item of the application be accurately and completely filled in. Applications that are not completed, incorrect, received after closing date, or submitted without legible supporting documents will not be processed. Any documents in Hangul must be translated into English and submitted.

It is the policy of USFK to employ based on qualifications and merit. No employee may request, offer, or accept gratuity in exchange for employment or promotion within the KSC, nor may they interfere with applicants exercising their right to apply for vacancy. Any employee found guilty of these practices will be subject to removal from KSC employment.

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Appendix O Equal Opportunity Program Inspection Checklist STAFF ...



DA PAM 350-20


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