Perros colimotes, Colima. Find this Pin and more on Colimita hermoso! Interesting Information. Find this Pin and more on Cool stuff by Katto. Dog Sculpture.

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Perros colimotes, Colima. Find this Pin and more on Colimita hermoso! Interesting Information. Find this Pin and more on Cool stuff by Katto. Dog Sculpture. Porcelain Doll Makeup. Mexican Ceramics. Abstract Animals. Creature Feature. Ceramic figurine, 'Dancing Colima Dogs'. Rey de Coliman by Aldo Dadarmd on px. Manzanillo en Colima. West Coast. Four Square. Outdoor Decor. Viva Mexico. Find this Pin and more on projects by Heather Bonds. Mexican Crafts. Mexican Folk Art. Mexican Style.

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Gregorio Torres Quintero

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Interesting Information

Colima, Mexico, is not widely known as a tourist destination, and we'd just as soon it stayed that way but there are too many nice places here for us to be selfish about them. Whether you are attending the charreada, swimming at the Racquet Club, driving to El Chanal, picnicking at San Antonio, or visiting Comala, the magnificent Colima volcano towering there in the middle distance seems to dominate your very life. There it is, steaming serenely, or making smoke with a slightly threatening demeanor, or even belching up a little lava as if flexing its mighty muscles to demonstrate what it could do if sufficiently provoked. The ancient forebears of the Aztecs, having peregrinated to this region, called the volcano Apaztepetl, a Nahuatl word combining the contexts of fire, water, and mountains. Peaceful, or hinting at its muscular power, it is always incredibly beautiful, seeming close at hand in the clear air though it is 25 miles away. Colima is 60 miles inland from Manzanillo, Mexico's principal shipping port on the Pacific.


Volcano Enlivens Colima's Landscape


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Cuentos colimotes (descripciones, cuentos y sucedidos)


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