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The rugged CSI Wireless Vibration Transmitter is the first device to provide full vibration data over a self-organizing wireless network. It provides rich information about machinery health for both operations and maintenance personnel. While appropriate for most vibration monitoring tasks, it is especially well suited for hard-to-reach locations, such as cooling towers, pumping stations, remote equipment, and hazardous areas. In general, the CSI provides an excellent solution for any application that might otherwise involve extensive engineering, cabling, or installation costs. Overall vibration data is a good indicator of shaft problems such as imbalance, misalignment, or mechanical looseness.

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Emerson Process Management has introduced updated spectral resolution options for the CSI wireless vibration transmitter that reduce bandwidth requirements and improve power module life.

Data log and configuration capabilities have been added to streamline user interaction with multiple transmitters on a single gateway. Analytical data is acquired only when there is a condition alert on the machine. Additionally, users can adjust the amount of resolution captured, further reducing the bandwidth used and power required to operate the transmitter.

A data log capability delivers the operational history of each transmitter, allowing users to identify performance issues in the field from AMS Suite. The MCM is an edge computing data acquisition system designed for machine condition monitoring. Omron E8PC pressure sensors can detect signs of abnormalities in cooling water and hydraulic oil Emerson CSI wireless vibration transmitter.

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Emerson CSI 9420 Reference Manual

September 23, - Emerson Process Management expanded the capabilities of its CSI Wireless Vibration Transmitter to deliver more detailed information for machinery analysis. In addition to sending operators direct alerts on high vibration caused by faults like cavitation or bearing defects, the CSI can now also use Emerson's reliable Smart Wireless network to send high resolution spectra to vibration experts for detailed diagnosis of machinery issues. The CSI connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. Its wireless capabilities are especially beneficial for equipment that is in remote or hard-to-reach locations, is inadequately monitored, and needs more visibility to operations and maintenance personnel. The CSI has been proven cost-effective in a wide range of applications across all industries. For example, it presents an excellent solution for monitoring refinery pumps, protecting against not only production loss but also health and safety risks from fugitive emissions.


CSI 9420 - Wireless Vibration Transmitter

Quick Links. Download this manual. Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Transmitters with the filling and dosing application pages. Pressure transmitter with profibus pa protocol pages. Scalable pressure, flow, and level solution with hart protocol pages.

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