Prueba el nuevo modo Carrera de representante: ponte en el papel de un representante de equipo e intenta tomar las decisiones adecuadas tanto fuera como dentro de la pista. Entrad en la pista e iniciad la carrera hacia la victoria en este nuevo modo cooperativo. Milestone nos ha acostumbrado a realizar buenas propuestas vinculadas a un planteamiento que ha pecado, como norma general, de progresar con demasiada cautela. Uno de los principales problemas que podemos encontrarnos a la hora de encontrar diversidad en todos estos modos de juego ajenos a los Modo Carrera, es que las licencias oficiales parecen obligar a limitar los contenidos. Es un modo de juego recurrido que, en ciertos aspectos, dista mucho de ser lo que puede llegar a ser.

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Thanks to its continuous efforts innovating and researching, NZI Helmets has developed its own technology and new production systems to build protective shells and liners, besides introducing new materials and its optimization in order to achieve the maximum protection with the right weight. NZI has participated in the SIM project Safety in motion , whose objective is to design innovative products that contribute to the prevention and reduction of road accidents for motorcycle riders.

NZI Helmets is also a company committed to the environment. Proof of this has been his participation in the CRAFT project, whose goal is the development of new fully recyclable materials and the introduction of new tools, standards and manufacturing techniques that increase the safety of users and facilitate the recycling of materials.

Currently, riders of various countries compete with NZI Helmet, swelling our list of winners. Seguridad activa: crear las condiciones y sistemas de ayuda para prevenir el accidente. Safety, comfort and vision are the three main concepts which NZI Helmets philosophy is based on.

The helmet not only protects the head upon impacts in case of an accident, it has also to offer ease of use, has to be practical and comfortable and has to provide a good picture. If we combine all these factors, we get the driving experience in such way that the driver can concentrate on driving the motorcycle by eliminating factors that causes stress.

The innovation is aimed at improving the elements of active and passive safety requirements for a helmet. This, together with the development of materials for shell and protective padding, NZI Helmets has created its own internal rules to evaluate the ergonomics of a helmet, thermal and acoustic comfort and quality of vision. Structural resistance to support the efforts that strike during an accident.

Innovative and additional security features: thermoformed visor give more resistance to breakeage, airbag incorporated to the helmet. Active Safety: enabling and support systems to prevent the accident. NZI uses fibers containing nanospheres filled with a material capable of changing phase, so that they absorb heat when is necessary to release when needed, thus minimizing temperature variations in the skin of the user.

Finally, a strict quality control in the production process ensures high standards, in addition to mandatory regulations. The final validation of the product is achieved through professional rider testing of thousands of miles before marketing.

El Reglameto R La norma ECE R Estos son: El cumplimiento de los requisitos del Reglamento de la Norma al Certificar las propiedades anti-vaho de nuestras pantallas Mist Retardant seguridad activa. La seguridad post-crash. The most important feature of a helmet is that protects you in case of an accident; this is what called passive safety in a helmet. Active safety is all you can achieve for trying to prevent an accident, with the implementation of different functions in a helmet. Post-crash safety is when the accident has occurred, the motorcyclist has suffered an impact and the helmet has done is job by absorbing energy to protect him.

Passive safety The field of the passive safety is regulated by different standars that have to be accomplished for different countries. The R In this standard there are various tests that have to be surpassed by a helmet before it can be entered in production.

When the helmet is in production, every batch of helmets has to be tested again to ensure the safety of the helmets. The ECE R The result is a well designed standard, which is functional, logical and based on all the data that is available on a European level about accidents and their relevant analysis.

Active safety As important as passive safety is the active safety to minimize the chance to have an accident. These features allow the rider to maintain his hands on the steering bar as long as possible as intuitive quick movements only are required to command. Integration of easy to use visors to protect against sun rays in full face, flip up and open face helmets active safety.

Post-crash safety In this recently emerged field of work the motorcycle industry is investigating to see how it can adapt, as soon as possible, safety solutions like the e-Call automatic alert to rescue services which will see shortly in the automotive world under the control of the EU.

NZI Helmets, pioneer in this field, is investigating the best strategies to alert the rescue services. The alert should go off and information relative to the accident should be send to the rescue services so they receive consistent and truthful information when these systems are started to being used.

En seguridad activa hay algunos desarrollos interesantes. Talking about active safety, there are interesting developments going on. In cars you can find more and more technical assistance systems to help the driver with the safety. Think of the warning you can get in cars and trucks when you cross a solid line, the information communicated to the driver by Head-Up-Displays in the windshield, the warnings for blind spots and the front radars to prevent colisions.

At the presentation of the project at the testing facilities of MIRA UK all the involved companies assisted and several demonstrations were held of the functionalities of all the systems developed and already integrated. In these systems, the helmet is a fundamental piece to transmit the information from the bike to the rider, thereby transferring the helmet into a HMI Humand Machine Interface.

Ideal para salidas con amigos y si quiere seguir conectado con el mundo en sus viajes. Descargar Manual. Si quiere hablar entre conductor y pasajero, esto es posible con nuestro Tech Com Basic si usa smartphones con sistema operativo Android junto con nuestros sistemas Tech Com Basic.

Ideal if you want to go for a ride with your friends and keep in touch with the world. Bikers can listen to their favorites in the earphones; - Connection to satellite navigation systems. Please be sure this is the case before you by a GPS system or our communication system ; - Easy install, just by changing the cheek pads and connecting cables it is installed, within 5 minutes.

Download manual. Now you can receive both the GPS voice instructions and phone calls. You can hear the voice indications through the speakers; - Easy install, just by changing the cheek pads and connecting cables it is installed, within 5 minutes; - Charged by connecting it to a computer through USB, as many MP3 players. Please be sure this is the case before you by a GPS system or our communication system.

If you would like to talk rider-passenger, it is possible with our Tech Com Basic if you use Android smartphones jointly with your Tech Com Basic systems. Composite de Fibra Un casco de composite de fibra es un casco ligero que se fabrica de un material compuesto de fibras diferentes, como por ejemplo carbono, aramida, o fibra de vidrio.

Esta es la norma Europea y de las Naciones Unidas para los cascos de motocicleta. Mentonera Los cascos abatibles tienen una mentonera que se puede abrir hacia arriba. Shells Carbon Fibre A full carbon bre helmet, like the RCV, assures that you have the lightest helmet possible, that still offers all the safety features required.

At NZI Helmets we use pre-impregnated laminates and the latest, in-house developed shell production technology. Composite Fibre A composite bre helmet is a light helmet that is fabricated with a composite of different bres, like carbon, aramid and glass fibre. Thermoplastic resin is melted and then injected into a mould under very high pressure, when it cools down the thermoplastic remains in the form of the mould.

The difference between composite bre and thermoplastic helmets basically is a better resistance against impacts of the composite bre helmet when dealing with an equally heavy impact.

Protective Inner Shell The shell of a helmet not only consists of the hard outer shell, but also of the softer inner shell, which actually is a very important part in protecting the head to impacts. This protection padding is made of expanded polystyrene and especially designed to absorb the energy necessary to slow down the head in anticipated conditions in case of an impact.

This is the European Sandard and of the United Nations for motorcycle helmets. This is the European norm for motorcycle helmets. The image is an example of one of the tests that are part of the norm. Chin guard The flip-up helmets have a front chin bar that can be opened upwards. This part is made of thermoplastic resin and protects your face in case of a fall whilst riding. The helmet is not designed to ride with the front open, it is not advisable.

Visor solar One Push NZI Helmets utiliza su propio sistema de accionamiento del visor solar para los cascos de gama alta. Para los cascos abatibles y algunos otros se utiliza una palanca. Seguro de cierre Los cascos NZI Helmets de alta gama tienen un seguro de cierre para garantizar que la pantalla no se abre en altas velocidades ni en caso de impacto.

Various advantages are clear: thermoformed visors are superior in flexibility and breakage endurance with less thickness less weight and have higher grades of luminous transmission the amount of light passing through the material. An average anti-fog coating only keeps fog away for less than 20 seconds. NZI Helmets was the first to comply with this voluntary part of the norm.

These plastics, which you can tear off the visor are to keep a clear vision and protect the visor from oil, rubber, etc. The incorporated sunvisor is controlled by a One Push button in the chin bar, to allow a very quick and intuitive movement. For the flip-up helmets and some other helmets a lever is used. Pinlock is an accessory supplied also by NZI Helmets.

Visor block The NZI Helmets top end helmets have a visor block to ensure the visor does not open on high speeds or in case of impact. In the RCV and Spyder IV helmets, the visor block has a double function as it blocks to keep the visor on ventilation mode, by putting the visor in the slot designed for this purpose.

Esto ayuda a la estabilidad del casco a altas velocidades. GP-1 Cheek Pads The racing helmets are fittted with cheek pads that are more firm than normal. These stabilize the helmet at high speeds.

Removable and washable cheek pads All cheek pads of NZI Helmets can be very easily removed, disassembled and washed with water and neutral soap. All cheek pads are non-allergic and anti-bacterial.

En los cascos de alta gama se utiliza materiales como Outlast y Dry-Fast-Dry. Removable and washable interior Practically all NZI helmets have a completely removable and washable interior. All NZI Helmets interiors are non-allergic and anti-bacterial. The change of state from liquid to solid or the other way around needs a lot of energy.

Dry-Fast-Dry A high tech material that absorbs sweat to keep a dry head. Micrometric Quick Release The most comfortable and easy adjustable chin strap there is, easy to use, even with gloves.

NZI Helmets uses this chin strap in all helmets except the racing helmets, in these helmets isused the Double-D system. Nose Protector Nose protectors are useful to conduct the external air to the shield area to avoid or delay fogging while riding with the visor closed. This system has the advantage that it is very user friendly, both with or without wearing gloves.

Air Inlets: To have effective ventilation it is imperative that the air actually enters the helmet. NZI Helmets uses high tech meshes inside the high end helmets which are very open but do not compress; the air can always flow freely through the helmet. Air Extraction: To have a good ventilation one of the most important features is the extraction of the air at the back of the helmet. The air extractor is the part that creates a flow of air through the helmet by facilitating hot air leaving the helmet.


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