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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Laptop Chip Level Repair Guide. Ibrahim Alsaidi. So the signal is very important for a laptop mainboard to working properly. The timing sequence is important, and must need to follow. If one of the step missing or incorrect timing, it will cause the mainboard not working.

Even the markets have many brands laptop, but all or most of them are just using the Intel or AMD platform chipset only.

So the same chipset is using the same timing sequence to work. And then we can just learn these two main chipset timing sequence, we can handle and repair the laptop easily. All of them are using the third party company design laptop mainboard to build their own brand laptop computer. This is because the branded computer company they want to earn more money and cut the cost to build a laptop computer. The OEM company is responsible to manufacture the product, but not include the product design and research.

But the ODM company is do all these thing, so the branded computer company just put their brand name and model into this laptop as their new model of laptop computer. These OEM company have a huge market percentage on production of laptop mainboard. After dismantle the laptop and found it different brands and models of laptop, but they also use the same laptop mainboard.

So their mainboard circuits, timing sequence and repairing steps also the same. We need to know how to identify the laptop mainboard part number and their OEM manufacturer by which company. Once the most popular nVlDlA has quit the chipset industry in , on the market, the notebook computer products with nVIDlA chipset are few. The red indicates that the signal is in the current layer, and the yellow indicates that the signal is in the other layer. Here is the common use operations and shortcut menu shown in figure Common in ThinkPad and Apple, some models of the latest Lenovo also use this way.

It controls the input device and output device of the computer system, and is a hub connected the software program and hardware device. For the PC, B1OS includes the controlling keyboard, display screen, disk drive, serial communication device and some other functions of the code. This chapter focuses on the boot process and Intel standard timing. In the repair of the laptop, in most cases, Timing applied on the power-on part in the system boot, so also called Power Sequence.

So literally, timing is time and sequence. The motherboard from standby to power-on, and then to CPU work, we feel just a short time. And the motherboard made so much action; it will strictly obey an established order, that is to say, in the process of these steps, if the first step isn't completed.

Then the next step is not start. And there is a strict time requirement between each step, some will be accurate to a few milliseconds, for example, PWRGD Signal generation requires that each voltage stabilize about 5ms will be sent.

It can be said that if you master the timing, then you have a basic idea of maintenance for all kinds of faults of the laptop. Hard starting process in general. The boot process of the laptop with Intel chipset below series 4 is as follows: a Without any electrical equipment supply power no battery and no power , through 3V button battery to produce VCCRTC to supply RTC circuit of the South bridge, to keep the operation of the internal time and save the CMOS information.

The clock signal distribution of above HM65 chipset The clock signal distribution of above HM65 chipset is shown in figure , the characteristic is that it must be 25MHz crystal when the bridge integrates the clock chip. This chapter introduces three kinds of Compal protective isolation circuit.

Then explain one of the Compal standby circuit. The figure of Compal motherboard power interface is shown in In this chapter, as DosXX Dunkel 1. In the figure , Q is P channel. Intel PCH is the single bridge chipset in the Intel company. The newest fourth generation has been released is Intel 8 series. In this chapter, we mainly introduce the main feature of Intel 5 series.

Start from ICH9 and there have two resets. We will analyze the standby and the power-on timing sequence under the adapter mode, because RTC circuit is almost the same, so we do not explain in this chapter. This is a step-down switching regulator, internal integrates the booster and the clamping diodes. FB means feedback, BD connects the internal boost diode and the voltage regulator. Related Papers. By Saul Lopez. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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Chip level motherboard repairing guide

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Laptop Chip Level Repair


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