The 8-pin timer must be one of the most useful ICs ever made and it is used in many projects. With just a few external components it can be used to build many circuits, not all of them involve timing! A popular version is the NE and this is suitable in most cases where a ' timer' is specified. Low power versions, such as the ICM, are available with the same pin arrangement but their maximum output current is much lower and they should only be used when specified to increase battery life. The timer can be used with a supply voltage Vs in the range 4.

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The circuit above is also called a one-shot circuit. This calculator is designed to compute for the output pulse width of a timer monostable circuit. As shown in the formula, the output pulse width is determined only by the resistor and capacitor combination. This gives the circuit a number of possible applications. This monostable circuit can generate pulses from a few microseconds to several hours depending on the values of resistor R and capacitor C.

This is because of their wide tolerance limits, which means their actual value is far from their marked value. Another issue with such a capacitor is its high leakage current, which may affect the timing accuracy. If a large capacitance is needed, choose a type with a lower leakage current such as tantalum. Problems may also occur when using small value capacitors for producing very short delays. The monostable circuit above can be used as a simple touch switch.

A touch plate can be connected to the trigger pin, which will ground the pin when touched. This will produce a pulse at the output whose width is determined by the R and C combination. A simple touch switch circuit is shown below:. Using our calculator, the circuit above will produce a pulse with a width of 1. This means the LED connected at the output pin 3 will light for 1. A servo motor works by accepting pulses with widths from 1 ms to 2 ms.

Monostable circuits can be used to test a servo motor by carefully selecting the R and C values to produce the said pulse widths. An example is shown below:. Don't have an AAC account? Create one now. Forgot your password? Click here. Latest Projects Education. Tools Timer Monostable Circuit Calculator. Related Tools Timer Astable Circuit.

Inputs Capacitor C. Resistance R. Output Pulse Width T. Applications for Monostable Circuits Touch Switch The monostable circuit above can be used as a simple touch switch. A simple touch switch circuit is shown below: Using our calculator, the circuit above will produce a pulse with a width of 1. Servo Motor Tester A servo motor works by accepting pulses with widths from 1 ms to 2 ms. You May Also Like.

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555 timer IC

The timer IC is an integrated circuit chip used in a variety of timer , delay, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. Derivatives provide two or four timing circuits in one package. Numerous companies have made the original bipolar timers and similar low-power CMOS timers too. As of [update] , it was estimated that 1 billion units were manufactured every year. He designed an oscillator for PLLs such that the frequency did not depend on the power supply voltage or temperature. Signetics subsequently laid off half of its employees due to the recession , and development on the PLL was thus frozen.


555 Timer Monostable Circuit Calculator

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