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Did you feel it? Well, you can't. Some people think that a quantum leap is a particularly large leap. The opposite it true. If you owned an original Apple TV, the size of the new device is quite a shocker. It's easily pulled off your shelf by the weight of the HDMI cable. There isn't much inside, for instance no hard disk. Everything that happens on your screen is pulled from the network. So it's lighter, much smaller, cheaper, and most importantly it does not pull a lot of power.

I always took the old one completely offline by pulling the power cord. Even in standby it used to draw way too much power. Which was very counterintuitive since you needed it to sync data from your PC or Mac. In the end it wasn't used much. The new Apple TV has more simplifications. It's HDMI only, no more component video, no analog audio. You only get four connectors: power, ethernnet, HDMI, digital audio out optical. Music is handled through Sonos at vowe's magic flying circus.

I know, that's a surprise. The other limitation is that Apple TV only sends out p video. Your Full HD screen is capable of displaying x, so it has to scale up from x to its full resolution. Same as the original Apple TV, btw. It's a limitation I can live with. Another notable limitation is that Apple TV only plays content in supported iTunes formats.

Forget about those videos you download from Internet sharing sites. If you are looking for a player for those Xvid and DivX files, look elsewhere unless you want to transcode to iTunes formats. So, what can you actually do with Apple TV? First, you connect it to your Mac s with "Home Sharing".

Those are your "authorized" computers that use the same Apple ID. You then tell iTunes which photos it is allowed to share from your iPhoto library. And finally, you have to keep your Mac running while using Apple TV. It will pull data from your iTunes and iPhoto library and stream it to your TV.

Without the Mac it obviously cannot access that content. Other players, including the Sonos sound system, can just access files on a shared network drive.

Not possible with Apple TV. There are very few applications who have this feature, but you redirect a video playing on your iPhone to Apple TV and thus the big screen.

Same for your photos. It won't let you stream HD videos you recorded with your iPhone before first pulling them in with your Mac and syncing them out again, but I believe that limitation will be rectified. Your third use case might be to rent movies or TV series through the iTunes store. I have no intention to do that, so please look elsewhere for advice. You can only do that with your Mac and then stream from there to Apple TV.

Finally, the really good stuff is not available here: Netflix. For me, it works great as a target for displaying my own content on the big screen. And once in a while I might use it to watch content from the Internet: movie trailers and the occasional YouTube video.

Apple promised you would be able to print from your iOS 4. Not good enough. There is a simple procedure to make it work with all printers shared by a Mac with OS X Once you enable print sharing from the sharing control panel in System Preferences, you will be able to print from your iPad etc.

Creating the text file is a bit tricky since you need admin priviliges. This little AppleScript will do that for you. Unzip, start, enter password. Photo: vowe. Setup and software update was a breeze. Three iOS devices added as remote. First Airplay test successful. More when I return This reminded me of " the rules ". The problems were visible then. But you were not supposed to talk about them. Paul thinks it's a bug. Others disagree. Never had to do this before, but reading a.

Quite a lot of people believe that the mobile market for smart devices has room for three dominant platforms. Each of those players see themselves as one of the three. Keep in mind that Nokia has zero foothold in the US market, but leads most other markets.

You need to create a Mobile Me ID from a supported device, but then you can add unsupported devices like the 3G above, as Erik mentions in his comment. The update fixes the buggy Bluetooth stack in the iPhone 4, and brings the iPad to where we all hoped it would be long ago. Macht hier 40, 60 oder Euro. Und so weiter. Finger weg! Just created a very simple app with Ovi App Wizard. Took about five minutes to create the app from two RSS feeds posts and comments.

Now submitted to the Ovi Store approval process. I will let you know how long it took to publish. Null Werbung. Das wird nicht gut gehen. Nach diesem Post hier ist eins aufgetaucht und unterwegs nach Hannover.

Das geht bis ein Jahr nach dem Kauf. AppleCare ist vergleichsweise teuer. Die bietet mir aber nicht den Service, den ich von meinem Lieblingsschrauber gewohnt bin. Schnell, kompetent, perfekt.

Path lets you share photos with up to 50 friends. Not your closest friends on Facebook. I have added 4 during the last 12 hours, but I won't need more than You currently need an iPhone with iOS4, iPod touch is not good enough.

Path will add other phones, I expect Android and BlackBerry. In any case, you can sign up today, even if you don't have a suitable phone, so you can view the moments that your friends share with you, on their web site.

The iPhone app is very, very simple. Shoot a photo, add people, places and things sounds familiar, eh? It won't share stuff you already have in your library. If somebody wants to share with you, you can share back, but you don't have to. If your friends share too much, you can pause them.

Very powerful and simple. Gute Sache, auch wenn sie mich nicht betrifft. And I wasn't disappointed. Marko called it the start of a conversation, an insight into changes to come.

We talked about Meego, the changes it will bring, and Nokia's challenges with Symbian. And there is one important change that isn't yet clear to everyone:. There is going to be a big change "in the spring", modernizing the user experience of the Symbian platform.

Yes, it will receive a new browser, but the changes are going to be visible throughout the operating system.



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