The AT28C64B is a high-performance electrically-erasable and programmable read-. Its 64K of memory is organized as 8, words by 8 bits. When the device is. The device contains a byte page register to allow. During a write cycle, the addresses and 1 to.

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Best Answer 6 years ago. Answer 6 years ago. Right, now I understand your design parameters. Take a look at the data sheet for the device - it won't drive an LED directly, you need to add some buffering to the output. What package are you using? Answer 3 years ago. Can the buffers solve my problem. If not, what can I do, I already tried resistors, k to be specific, but it did not do much, please help me!

Please send logic analyzer captures of the write and read protocol. First of all, correct the wiring to the pinout of the DIP version of the device. When its read, the line should be driven high again. Have you got access to a logic analyser? Check the pinout! I'm more worried about Vcc on pin 28 than the enables!!! That's why I want you to verify the device is still OK in your programmer tomorrow. Leave your assumptions at the door Strobe means pulse. Set up address. All you need is an address counter.

If you're really clever, you program certain ranges of address with certain messages, and you can switch between them. Forget it for now. Concentrate on the sequencing next. Trying to read the BQ into memory is too hard for your current skill set. You aren't programming anything: that would be easy. You have to work out how to make a state machine to sequence the memory. Just look for RTCs with proper parallel interfaces. I suspect these days you may struggle.

Is there any reason why you can't type the word "you" on your keyboard? Writing "u" looks like you're about 12 years old, and not serious about this. I am 18 years old mate RTCDG i found this and in stock. Yes, talking in text speak is not the way to be treated seriously. Drop it in the wrong place as a working engineer is not the way to get on. If you applied to me for a job with text speak, I, like many, will bin it.

We don't charge for extra letters on here. Text speak is the result of the old limit on characters in a text, and the speed you can type them.

I'm not "too old", I choose to communicate clearly. I think using the RTC is too hard for your skill set. You are going to have to create the setting interface too. The chip's fine. Lead me through how you're going to sequence data in and out of it? I am still thinking how to sequence data in and out of it? I know it might be hard for me but I want to try to improve my skills..

RD and WR in this image? That means 1. Set RTC address 2. Read RTC into data latch. XOR latch2 with latch1. Loop until its not 0xFF You need to implement a lookup table in the memory to do that. Are you using an oscilloscope, at the very least, or better, a logic analyser.

Follow Asked by mac00 in Circuits. Tags: memory. Reply Upvote. BeauH3 steveastrouk Answer 3 years ago. Are you imagining that all you do is fasten the memory and the clock together? Buy in the remote. Take a look on Ebay. That will determine what you do for the memory control.

Infra red or RF remotes.. Yes, if you have something which can do the transfer for you, in your logic. You'll need barely any torque. The design should be balanced, or it will shake itself to bits. Consider too how are you going to control the stepping of the sequence.


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