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Latest Projects Education. General Electronics Chat Reading the data of a 93C46 eeprom. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Reading the data of a 93C46 eeprom. Thread starter Liviu Start date Mar 16, Search Forums New Posts. Thread Starter Liviu Joined Mar 16, Hello everyone, New to the Forum. I am looking for a link or a simple application to be used in reading the data of a eeprom type 93C46 circuit used for counting the number and duration of activations of a 12V DC power source.

Any sugestion would be very helpful. Scroll to continue with content. ErnieM Joined Apr 24, 8, The 93C46 is a memory element. It needs some sort of controller to use it as it works over a serial interface.

Look up SPI for those details. Thank you for the reply. I will try to reformulate the case. If I have a 93c46 in a circuit how can be read the memory content without being altered. And this one I'd like to adapt to a 12Vdc installation. I think it would be helpful for me to find a simple application using a SPI.

Also at using an Arduino circuit as well might be a possibility to test but I'll need more directions for that. Have you tried typing "Arduino SPI" into an interweb search engine?

Thanks for the help. I need to identify each of the 8 pins of the other circuit and see what connections need to be done. Do you think should be another approach? Papabravo Joined Feb 24, 13, Either the existing board was designed to allow the contents to be read or it wasn't. If not then more drastic measures will be required including a "vampire" connector that taps into the existing circuitry or desoldering and isolating the chip so that you can get to the signal lines without interference.

It was allowed for the content to be read but within a special application. I will get the pins layout soon. I have the circuit board with a 93c46 eeprom which through an 8 pin connector is linked to the main board.

The rest of connections not related to this circuit. Any help? Thank you. Thank so far to the Long Island guy. RamaD Joined Dec 4, Liviu said:. DI and DO connected together. No alteration to this circuit. I was wondering if there is not an applcation similar to my case or maybe we'll declare as new descovery.

I'm still waiting for some more suggestions. Basically, this helps in saving one IO Pin. If you have to use this you need to use the resistors as in the AN, you need to write a bit bang SPI taking care of timing requirements! I know nothing about the SPI in the original motherboard circuit. I suppose that that SPI in there was meant to write and read in the 93c The 93c46 on the circuit board has the pin 5 and 6 connected through a 13,7 KOhm, and other connections: from pin 6 through 2.

The problem is still in the interface from 3 control pins to 4 control pins of Arduino Eleven. It appears that you are reading mirror pins. I have given the actual pins translated from your pin nos. And the nF is the decoupling cap. Then you could use standard SPI. For the command streams sent to 93C46 all start, cmd or opcode, addr , when they are not multiples of 8 bits, then you can pad it up with 0 at the beginning. Thank you for the corrections. Pin 4 of the IC goes through Pin 3 of the IC is connected to the junction between I can not split the pins 3 and 4.

The circuit containing the IC should be re-usable as is. You must log in or register to reply here. Xbee s2 reading digital sensor data and sending the data remotely Honeywell air flow sensor Data reading analysis issue Reading data from device in programming Reading data from MIPI CSI-2 camera sensor. You May Also Like.

Continue to site. Biggest mistakes reading BJT data sheets, What counts the most? General Electronics Chat. Dec 22, Xbee s2 reading digital sensor data and sending the data remotely. Oct 22, Honeywell air flow sensor Data reading analysis issue.

Mar 10, Reading data from device in programming. Jul 24, Jan 28,


EEPROM 93c46 with 89c51

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Go back. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This library only works for chips in the 64x16 mode.


93C46 Datasheet PDF

PJRC Store. These devices are usually used to store user configurable parameters and device serial numbers. They use a serial bus interface, which allows them to be packaged in inexpensive 8 pin packages. To you, the system designer, these little chips offer a nifty way to store a small amount of data in non-volatile memory, using only a few of the port pins, and without raising the system's cost much. They are usually specified to retain the data for 10 years and to endure , write operations before failure.


Serial EEPROM (93C46 / 93CS46) Routines

Device Selection Table. Org Pin Word Size. Yes 8 or bit. Yes 8 or bit I, E. No 8-bit. No bit.

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