Eberron Campaign Setting is a hardcover accessory for the 3. The Eberron Campaign Setting book introduces Eberron , and provides the core campaign setting , including campaign-specific rules and details on the fictional continent of Khorvaire. Keith Baker said that he submitted Eberron "just because it was a fun idea. I really didn't expect anything to come of it, but I enjoyed writing the proposal. The reviewer from Pyramid commented: "If you're one of the thousands who submitted a one-page treatment for Wizards of the Coast's world-setting competition, you may want to go ahead and skip this review. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This book presents a historical and geographical overview of the setting; information on key locations, personalities, and organizations; an introductory adventure; and a bestiary of monsters and villains to challenge heroes of all levels.

It was released in July About the Cover. The Lord of Blades is shown with his homunculi, Hilt and Pommel. Continuing the Campaign Settings.

Settings were short-lived things in the age of 4e Just one month after the Eberron line kicked off with Eberron Player's Guide and the free adventure "Khyber's Harvest" it was now ending with Eberron Campaign Guide and the not-free adventure "Seekers of the Ashen Crown" As the GM book, Eberron Campaign Guide was intended as a complement to the Player's Guide , filling in the details and secrets alluded to in the previous volume.

Some of these details were totally new to the setting. Because the two core books were so closely coordinated, they didn't have as much overlap as the similar books for 3e, and so there was more room to grow. Adventure Tropes. Finding the Points of Light. By mid, the Nentir Vale was already being featured in the "HPE" series of adventures and the Elsir Vale was appearing in Dungeon's "Scales of War" adventure path More notably, the Forgotten Realms had been massively revamped to fit the new paradigm: the goddess of magic was killed, the Realms were spellplagued, two worlds were mashed together, and a hundred years slid by to create an updated and controversial Points of Light world.

Players were wondering if Eberron would also be changed to more closely match the Points of Light ideals and surprisingly … it wasn't. Instead, Eberron appears much as it did before. There wasn't even a timeline change; though rumors at one points suggested a two-year advancement was in the works, the world ended up remaining in YK.

Eberron's designers and developers said that players interested in metaplot should read the novels and decide themselves whether they wanted to include those events in their games. Though Eberron didn't become a Points of Light world, it did adopt many of the other assumptions of 4e. That began with changes to its cosmology that paired up the ideas of the World Axis and Eberron's own unique cosmos. Generally, these changed maintained the heart of Eberron's unique ideas while creating enough overlap for Eberron players to take advantage of general resources like Heroes of Shadow , Heroes of the Feywild , and Heroes of the Elemental Chaos A few other cosmological changes weren't directly related to the World Axis, such as the introduction of Baator and the move of Xoriat to Siberys.

The other 4e setting update had already been premiered in Eberron Player's Guide : the introduction of the new core races. They continued to be featured in the Eberron Campaign Guide with many more details of their integration into the world. Deva are ancient allies of the couatl who had survived a long-ago war with demons; dragonborn are emigrants from the dragon continent of Argonnessen; eladrin are inhabitants of feyspires that slipped over from the Feywild and were trapped by the Mourning; goliaths are emigrants from Xen'drik who fled the rise of giants; and tieflings are the result of the devilish pacts of Ohr Kaluun.

Even these changes weren't really considered changes. Expanding Eberron. Eberron Campaign Guide includes lots of new details, including: more information on the Draconic Prophecy, a new focus on the Last War, and some attention toward the Cold-War-like tension of the world.

However for the most part it revisits existing Eberron material. The geographical focus is on Sharn, the Five Nations, Khorvaire and to a lesser extent lands beyond. The dragonmark houses, the gods, and the planes all get some attention too. This means that the Guide revisits 3. Though some of these books provided more information on their individual topics, Eberron Campaign Guide collects the entire big picture together, making it a sort of five-year anniversary edition for a setting that had been evolving through divers hands.

About the Creators. Keith Baker is the creator of Eberron. Out of the 11, submissions to Wizards of the Coast's Fantasy Setting Search, his was the one that made the cut. He's since written Eberron novels and contributed to the roleplaying line. James Wyatt was a minister when he started writing for Dragon in the mid '90s. He was eventually hired by Wizards in January and has been writing roleplaying books and novels ever since.

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Thus the sale price was valid. How usefull would this be for a 5e dm? Is there enough lore and detail to run a 5e eberron campain? Or is it mostly stats, classes and other stuff like that wich can only be used for 4e? I think you'll like the 3e books better. There are some details, but overall the 3e books are far meatier. See All Ratings and Reviews.

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This book presents a historical and geographical overview of the setting; information on key locations, personalities, and organizations; an introductory adventure; and a bestiary of monsters and villains to challenge heroes of all levels. It was released in July About the Cover. The Lord of Blades is shown with his homunculi, Hilt and Pommel. Continuing the Campaign Settings.


Eberron Campaign Guide Review

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